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ASE Technotes

ASE Cloud Backup

How users can kill their own process
Impact on ASE with insufficient alarms

Floating-Point Datatypes in ASE
How to Manually Drop a Corrupt Table in ASE
Spinlocks and CPU Usage
Unicode Support in SAP SYBASE ASE
What is in My Statement Cache?
Which objects have allocations on a device
Which process filled up my transaction log?
Handling Long-running Rollbacks
Determining how ASE was Shutdown from an Errorlog

Installing multiple Sybase Software Developer Kit (SDK) versions on a single PC Client machine
Sybase PC Client or Software Developers Kit version 15.5 receiving error when installing on Windows 2012

Diagnosing SySam Problems With ASE

Returning Results from CTOS not from Command Sent to ASE

EDI Server Versions Required for HIPAA Accelerator Versions
HIPAA Compliance Map Edit Criteria
ODBC and LDAPS (used as a Directory Service) on Windows 
Ct-library (Open Client) debugging without code changes

Understanding Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) with MIT Kerberos
Download Afaria Software and Patches
Introduction to RIBO ( a tool for viewing client-server communication)
Check if the current ASE version is compatible for upgrade
ODBC Trace does not create an output file

Information on old/obsolete versions:

Deploy Sybase Control Center for ASE and Repserver
Configure ASE Database Backup at DBACOCKPIT
ASE 15.7 - In-Row LOBs
ASE 15 Optimizer Best Proctices v1
Required SQL Code Changes when Upgrading to 15.x
15.5 Migration Guide

Memory limits for ASE 12.0 and 12.5

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