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The purpose of this document is to provide a list of the top ten most viewed SAP KBAs for SAP Sybase ASE in the month of July 2015.



Below are the top 10 most viewed SAP KBAs for Sybase ASE in July 2015

1942379 Setup password encryption to encrypt login passwords on the network between ASE and isql            
1991153 Sybase Central unavailable on ASE 15.7 SP101 and later releases            
1881347 SYB: Can the SAP ASE database or the database log be shrunk?
1872806 How to set a new password for SA account in Sybase ASE server            


 How go get information of processes seemingly hanging or consuming CPU on Linux
2119687 Where do I download standalone Sybase Control Center?
1945185 How to expand database automatically?
1945940 Error: 1204, followed by stacktrace in lock_do_logical with login
1977991 How to Determine the End of Mainstream Maintenance Date for SAP ASE.
2164138 ASE: What happened to the 15.7 SP133 release?            


Please note, in order to view the contents of the SAP Notes/KBAs, you will need to be logged into Service Marketplace.


Another two worthy mentioned KBAs are KBA 2077419 -Release data for ASE 15.x patches and CR lists KBA 2075653- Release data for ASE 16.x patches and CR lists

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