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ASE Traceflag 100

ASE Traceflag 100 prints out the parse tree after parsing a batch of sqlcmdtext

1> dbcc traceon(3604,100)
2> go
00:0006:00000:00013:2013/09/03 13:27:08.76 server  DBCC TRACEON 3604, SPID 13
00:0006:00000:00013:2013/09/03 13:27:08.76 server  DBCC TRACEON 100, SPID 13
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact a user with System Administrator (SA) role.
1> select name from sysusers
2> go


SEQ (!:0x100050edc88) (L: 0x100050edc70 R: 0x0)  (TokClass: MARK)   (seqline:1 seqaction:1 seqstmttype:0 (GENERIC_TOKEN) seqgoto:0x0  seqmpcr:0x0  seqautop:0x0  seqsetop:0x0  seqoffset:0   seqstat: (0x0800 (POST_10)) seqcursread: 0x0 (0x000
0) seqisolation: 0 (NOT_SPECIFIED))
 seqstat3: (0x00)
 seqstat2: (0x0000) seqstat4: (0x0000) seqstat5: (0x0000) seqomnistat: (0x0000) seqbmwktab: ()

CMD (!:0x100050edc70) (L: 0x100050ed800 R: 0x0)  (TokClass: MARK)




ROOT (L:0x100050ed800) (L: 0x100050edd98 R: 0x0)  (TokClass: MARK)   (querytype:SELECT  resvar:-1  workvar:-1  varct:1  workct:0  subqct:0  toplimit:0  workrg:0x100050eda80  rootstat:(0x00000001 (USER))  root2stat:(0x00000000)  root3stat:(0
x00000000)  root4stat:(0x00000000)  root5stat:(0x00000000)  root6stat:(0x00000000) root7stat:(0x00000000)  joindata:0x0  procnum:0  forupdlst: 0x0 )

RANGE: (0x100050ede20) (varno: 0  tablename:sysusers rgcorr: level: 0 subq: 0 rgcol: 0x0 rgjoin: 0x0 rgor: 0x0 rgviewp: 0x0 rgindname: 0x0 rgptnname: 0x0 rgtrigdata: 0x0 rgnondiskres=0x0rgcursor: -1  rgdbid: 0 rgtabid: 0 rgprefetch: 0 rgsch
ema2: 0 rgschema: 0 rglock: 0 rgcoldel: 0: rgcrtime: 0   rgstat:(0x00000000)   rgstat2:(0x0000)  rgstat3:(0x0000)  rgstat4:(0x00)  rgstat5:(0x01 (EXPLICIT NAME))  rgstat6:(0x00)

SUBQUERY LIST: (at 0x100050edbf0) (subqct=0) is empty.

   RESDOM (L:0x100050edd98) (TokClass: MARK)   (resname:name  colid:0  coltype:0x0 (GENERIC_TOKEN) (hierarchy:0)  colen:0  colstat: 0x0 (0x00)  cstatus2: (0x00000000)  cstatus3: (0x0000)  colprec:0  colscale:0  coloff:0  resorder:0  resstat
2: (0x0000)  resstat3: (0x0000)  resstat4: (0x0000)  resstat5: (0x0000)  resstat6: (0x00)  resstat7: (0x00)  resstat8: (0x00000000) resomnistat: (0x0000)  resvarno:0 resnamelist: 0x0 )
      VAR (R:0x100050edd20) (TokClass: GVAR)   (varname:name  varno:-1  colid:-1  colstat: 0x0 (0x00)  cstatus2: (0x00000000)  cstatus3: (0x0000)  coltype:0x0 (GENERIC_TOKEN) (hierarchy:0)  colen:0  colprec:0  colscale:0  varjtcid:-1  varst
at:0x0 ((0x0000))  varstat2:0x0 ((0x00000000))  varlevel:0  varsubq:0)

(21 rows affected)

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