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There are several built-in functions, accessible by users, that use information contained on an object's OAM (Object Allocation Map) page. These functions are: rowcount(), data_pgs(),
reserved_pgs(), and used_pgs(). Use of these functions in a volatile database may result in a variety of errors that can be considered transient.

Traceflag 1116 suppresses runtime 1151, 1152 and 1153 errors which can result from running (space related) OAM builtin functions in a volatile database.

The errors typically  occur when a connection gets a list of objects and OAM pages from the system tables and runs the builtin function against the list, but another process drops one of the objects before the function is run against it.

1151    Object %ld passed to OAM builtin function no longer exists in database %d.

1152    Page %u passed to OAM builtin function is not an OAM page for object %d in database %d.

1153    OAM page %u passed to rowcnt function is an unallocated page in database %d.



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