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When ASE is booted with traceflag 3607 on (using -T3607 as a parameter in the RUN_SERVER file), recovery is not run on any database including master. 

This is useful in cases where recovery of master hits a fatal error, preventing any further recovery of the server.  The traceflag allows access to the system tables, allowing the contents to be extracted for use in rebuilding the server.

When booted using this traceflag, the errorlog will contain something like this in place of the usual database by database recovery output:


00:0006:00000:00000:2013/12/31 13:45:28.90 server  Active traceflags: 3607
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:28.91 kernel  libomni1 - Component Integration Services: using 'Sybase Client-Library/16.0/P/DRV. 10 Native Threads/BUILD1600-000/64
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:28.92 server  Size of the 2K memory pool for the cache (default data cache): 8192 Kb
Memory allocated for the default data cache cachelet 1: 8192 Kb
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:28.92 server  Opening Master Database ...
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:29.28 server  Loading ASE's default sort order and character set
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:29.56 kernel  HADR previous mode before master recovery is : -1
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:29.56 server  WARNING: ***************************
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:29.56 server  Booting without recovery
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:29.56 server  WARNING: ***************************
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:29.75 kernel  The master key startup file is '/work/releases/rel16b/ASE-16_0/init/ase_encrcols_mk_REL16_bret_sun2.dat'.
00:0006:00000:00004:2013/12/31 13:45:29.75 kernel  IP: interface on sockp 100027b3200 for bret-sun2 set to IPv4
00:0006:00000:00004:2013/12/31 13:45:29.75 kernel  network name bret-sun2, interface IPv4, address xx.xx.xx.xx, type tcp, port 4160, filter NONE
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:29.76 server  ASE's default unicode sort order is 'binary'.
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:29.76 server  ASE's default sort order is:
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:29.76 server       'bin_iso_1' (ID = 50)
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:29.76 server  on top of default character set:
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:29.76 server       'iso_1' (ID = 1).
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:29.76 server  Master device size: 336 megabytes, or 172032 virtual pages. (A virtual page is 2048 bytes.)
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:30.09 kernel  Setting console to nonblocking mode.
00:0006:00000:00001:2013/12/31 13:45:30.09 kernel  Console logging is enabled. This is controlled via the 'enable console logging' configuration parameter.
00:0006:00000:00008:2013/12/31 13:45:30.09 kernel  nconnect: connect, Connection refused


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