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Backup Server Error Messages

 The Backup Server errorlog contains errors from both the backupserver and sybmultbuf processes.



Backup Server Error

Unrecognized RPC received--ignored

Backup Server Error

Logical page %d is not in the given database map.

Backup Server Error 3.41.2,1 Illegal max-length for parameter %d for RPC %s; expected %d got %d.
Backup Server Error Backup Server does not define this trace flag: %d

Backup Server Error

Label validation error: first label not VOL1.
Backup Server Error %1!: %2! is not a legal virtual disk number.

Backup Server Error

The 'uncompress' call failed

Backup Server Error 205

Backup Server: [205] The 'fastlz_decompress' call failed for database/archive device while working on stripe device %s with error number 0 (Success). Refer to your operating system documentation for further details. Look for 'A26: SYBMULTBUF ERROR: ' in the backup server errorlog for additional information from SYBMULTBUF.

Backup Server Error

Warning, unable to open device configuration file /sybase/backup_tape.cfg for reading. Operating system error No such file or directory.

Openserver Error 16400.10.0: srv__e3_create_encrypt3_context: Unexpected failure in comn_keypair_create.


D00: Page Verification Error: Page mismatch. Page %d contains %d in page header.

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