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Backupserver Traceflags


The following trace flags may be turned on by adding them as a -D parameter to the backupserver executable parameter list in the RUN_BACKUPSERVER file
(or as a parameter in the Windows Registry if Backup Server is being started as a service).  The flag numbers can be added together," -D11" is equivalent
to "-D1 -D2 -D8".




Backupserver Trace D1

Enables tracing of the backupserver API calls

Backupserver Trace D2

Forces the tape auto config feature

Backupserver Trace D4

Traces the tape auto config feature

Backupserver Trace D8

Traces async i/o calls

Backupserver Trace D16

Traces RPC calls and events

Backupserver Trace D32

Forces Sync i/o


Note: the trace flags may be OR ed together to get the union. For example, -D5 will enable -D1 and -D4.


Backupserver has a set of traceflags that can be activated using a SYB_BACKUP...qatraceon RPC call and deactivated with qatraceoff.

These flags are generally for internal development use and are not currently documented. 

Open Server Trace Flags

The backupserver is an Open Server application, so the Open Server traceflags are also available.

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