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DBCC allocdump - displays the contents of an allocation page
DBCC anchors - displays the anchors for a database
DBCC cacheremove - removes data from data cache and frees descriptors
DBCC cachedataremove - removes data from data cache for a table
DBCC checkalloc - verifies allocation structures for all tables in a database
DBCC checkcatalog - verifies relations between system tables
DBCC checkdb - verifies index structures for all tables in a database
DBCC checkstorage - does most of what checkalloc does with a fast parallel scan
DBCC checktable - verifies index structures for a table
DBCC checkverify - resolves suspect faults after a run of checkstorage
DBCC connection_hangup - closes a connection (site handler) to a remote server
DBCC cursorinfo - displays information about a cursor
DBCC dam - related to the sysdams system table used for incremental dumps
DBCC dbcacheremove - frees the dbtable for an open but unused database
DBCC dbinfo - displays database information persistently stored on disk
DBCC dbreboot - shutdown individual database 
DBCC dbrepair - various methods to repair specific issues in a database 
DBCC dbtable - displays the memory structure for a currently open database
DBCC deleteplan
DBCC des - displays an object descriptor memory structure
DBCC descount
DBCC engine
DBCC extentcheck - displays all extents allocated to an object
DBCC extentdump - displays the contents of an extent structure
DBCC extentzap - deallocates all extents for a particular objid-indid pair
DBCC findnotfullextents
DBCC findstranded 
DBCC fix_text
DBCC flushlog
DBCC gam
DBCC gettrunc - display the current log transfer manager markers
DBCC housekeeper
DBCC ides
DBCC indexalloc
DBCC istraceon
DBCC listoam
DBCC locateindexpgs
DBCC latch
DBCC lock
 DBCC lock_release
DBCC lock_requeue

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