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Go to start of metadata (Adaptive Server Enterprise) update statistics may fail with signal 8 in sam_setup_ptn along with stacktrace Backupserver (BS) gives error D00: SYBMULTBUF ERROR: Failed to turn direct i/o on for database device character(s) could not be converted into client's character set. Unconverted bytes were changed to question marks ('?') connecting jisql to ASE SYBASE-OC: Sybase-Client 15.5, ODBC-driver 15.05 - Connection between ASE and Microsoft Excel sen out Message " cannot establish a list of databases with the specifided datasource" way to configure ASE Job Scheduler - using resource file log fast bcp to export multiple result sets to the same file from DBISQL 15.7 - Invalid slot id followed by Stacktrace signal 11 on os_get_cur_stk_desc - Increase the Maximum number of rows in a DBISQL scrollable table view 15.7 ESD#3 - processes in latch sleep and large number of spids stuck in latch acquisiton state 15.7 - monitoring CPU utilization on Linux with hyper threading and the threaded kernel - Maximum number of items in an IN-LIST 15.0.3 & 15.5 - Query with duplicate correlation names triggers Stacktrace with signal 11 on find_dup_corrname table being altered causing error 208 / 4413 when selecting from view - Sybase ASE license error is shown requesting a smaller number of licenses when a larger number is available from SySAM server INTO query fails with error 15422, "cannot be executed because there is no default encryption key", even though encryption has not been enabled - Sybase ASE of Num_active and Max_Used from sp_monitorconfig is higher than config parameter "number of sort buffers"
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