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This document gives an overview of Sysam2.0 in ASE 15.x and how it is different from

SySam 1.0 in ASE 12.5.x. It is intended to help troubleshoot SySam related problems.


SySam 2.0 vs. SySam 1.0 :SySam licenses can be managed from a single server and SySam has the capability of

allowing a grace period but it doesn’t ship with the product as it did with Sysam 1.0. So it is

different in ASE15.x.

Section 1:

Sybase Software Assets Management SySam 2.0 was originally released with ASE 15.0,

which was built on FLEXnet technology from MacroVision. In this version, SySam supportsServedof 30 days without a license. If you don’t apply a license during the grace period, then the

product will block continued access. SySam 2.0 has following basic components:

- A license file – “(name.lic)”, which can be generated through SPDC – Sybase Product

Download Center.

- SySam Software consists of the license manager with utilities.

- SySam program & files are installed in the directory SYSAM-2_0.

The SYSAM-2_0 directory has the following main subdirectories:

• bin – stores license server binaries including lmgrd – License Manager Daemon and

SYBASE utility programs, and the SySam wrapper script for SySam


• log – includes the license server debug log and report log files named SYBASE. log and SYBASE.rl by default.

• Licenses – stores license files with a .lic extension UNIX. If you install a Sysam license

server, the licenses folder also stores the SYBASE.opt options file which specifies

the license server settings and any license restrictions.and Unserved modes, which enable the product to work on an initial grace period

Served vs. Unserved ModesSySam has two modes –

right for them, based on their business environment and goals.Served & Unserved. The Client has to choose which of these modes is
Served Mode: Get license from the license server and then distribute to one or more machine.
-Select the license server host.
-Install the license server.
-Determine the host id, select the exact product and then generate the license.
-License can be generated through SPDC – Sybase Product Download Center.
-Section N:
Start the License server.

Unserved Mode

- Install the product, determine the hostid, generate, & apply the license.

Here is an example of --One or more license files which have been generated for a specific machine.

: - Get license directly from the license file.

License types:Sybase products are licensed under a number of different license types. Some examples of license

types include:CPU license (CP)
Server license (SR)
Standalone Seat (SS)
Floating license (FL)

license type for each specific installation when generating the license file.

Not all Sybase products and options are licensed under every license type. When a configuration

requires multiple licenses, license types can be mixed.

For example, your base product might be licensed under the “Server” license type, but your optional

features are licensed under the “CPU” license type.

CPU (CP) licenses – the quantity of licenses required depends on the number of CPUs on the

machine where the product will be used.

• For Server (SR) licenses – typically a single license is used per machine where the product is


• For Standalone Seat (SS) licenses – install and use the program on a single workstation.

• For Floating User (FL) license – install the program on any number of machines but the number of

programs you can simultaneously run is limited to the number of FL licenses purchased.If a client has multiple orders with different license types for the same product, identify the
Configuration:Clients get a 30-day grace period to resolve any licensing issues. When a license is awarded

under grace, the Adaptive Server error log entry and optional e-mail message includes the

date and time when the grace period expires.

In addition, clients can execute


period expires. Adaptive Server Enterprise disables the functionality corresponding to the

license if the issue is not fixed within that time. Adaptive Server Enterprise itself shuts down

if the graced license is ASE_CORE

Starting & Stopping the License server :sp_lmconfig to determine the expiration date. The Expirycolumn next to any row that shows graced status indicates the date and time the grace
SYSAM START will start the license server.

*If Adaptive Server does not start – the server’s properties file:\* (file:*)

On UNIX:SYSAM STOP will stop the license server.
$SYBASE/ASE-15_0/sysam/<servername>.propertiesOn Windows:%SYBASE%\ASE-15_0\sysam\<servername>.properties




License Type and Product Edition need to be checked.Servername must correspond to the name of the Adaptive Server that does not start.

Adaptive Server.

The value of SYBASE_LICENSE_FILE and LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variables

Output from lmutil lmpath -status command. The lmutil binary is located in the bin directory

under SYSAM-2_0 folder.

If you are using a served license model:The license files saved in the SYSAM-2_0 licenses directory on the machine running

server.The licenses saved in the $SYBASE/SYSAM-2_0/licenses directory of the license
The license server log file in the $SYBASE/SYSAM-2_0/log directory
How & Where to Look for License ErrorsAll SySam 2.0 related errors are printed in the Adaptive Server errorlog. All configurations

and the status of each license - related messages are prefixed with "kernel SySam :" in the

Adaptive Server errorlog. For example:<timestamp> kernel SySAM: Failed to obtain 1 license(s)For ASE_CORE feature from license file(s) or server(s).

If you have e-mail alerts configured, you will receive an e-mail whenever a SySam event

occurs. You can always check the current state of SySam licenses in Adaptive Server using


status of each license.

If you are using a served license model, the license server’s debug log located in the log

directory provides information about any license check-out issues.

Here are some Tips:sp_lmconfig command. The output shows the current SySam configuration and the
Problem:Adaptive Server cannot checkout a license and starts with graced license instead.Description:If the diag command shows the license for the given feature is available for check-out, the

reason that Adaptive Server cannot check-out the license could be: The product edition or

license type does not match the requirement. If the edition and license.

For Additional SySam information:


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