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Impact on ASE with insufficient alarms

When ASE runs out of alarms the main impact will be with dump/load databases. The following is the sample error message from ASE log

07:00000:00008:2013/03/26 00:02:43.97 kernel  uppause: No free alarms available.

00:00000:00008:2013/03/26 00:02:43.97 kernel  uasetalarm: no more alarms available.

Sybase ASE comes with 40 alarms out of the box and the following processes (kernel and server) use alarms accordingly.

  • HouseKeeper Tasks
  • CheckPoint Process
  • RepAgent
  • Database Dump/Load
  • Kernel Manager tasks (Range, Limit)
  • WaitFor

The user should consider the number of RepAgents, WaitFor commands and parallel dump/load operations.

 The solution is to increase the ‘number of alarms’ configuration parameter.

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