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Go to start of metadata to 16.0 receiving 806 errors after creating encrypted columns error "Cannot create a Open Server thread as the maximum number of service threads configured ('16115') has already been   reached." while running backup in parallel -- SAP ASE 'update statistics' and 'truncate table' concurrently may hit hang issue ASE HA : How to Drop the ASE HA Companionship manually for Asymmetric configuration on AIX setup. ASE HA : How to Configure the HA Companionship in Asymmetric configuration on AIX setup. ASE shuts down with error "A SERIOUS UNHANDLED EXCEPTION HAS OCCURRED" and stacktrace 15432, Level 16, State 8 A validation check failed when Adaptive Server decrypted an encryption after database load - ASE 15.7 No free file descriptors available - SAP ASE 15.7 SP121 with Page Fault error message ASE 15.7 and later releases on Linux RHEL 6.0 and higher using EXT4   I/O performance slow errors java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError - ASE 16.0 ASE monProcessActivity, monProcessStatement PhysicalReads does not   include some APF for Utility commands such as dbcc. ASE to add support for non-class resources in JAR files within ASE   Java support. raises errors 3701 and 17870 referencing table   '#sphelpuser2ro' and sp_autoformat on SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 with many   locks may take longer time than fomer versions 644 on user table index. will not boot: The number of file descriptors per ASE process   required to support the current configuration exceeds the limit procedure with temp tables not working -- do you determine if a table in ASE 15.7 contains compressed data? the license type in ASE Tran generates Msg 4205 on a dedicated log reports error 1265 in errorlog followed by a stacktrace containing   lock_release ASE: Error 2809 is raised incorrectly by cross-database query to Change Object Ownership When You Are Unable to Drop an Account -   ASE - How to move sybsystemdb database off master device 16063 ...the ASE_RDDB license is either not available or has expired 8203 "Expected to find the descriptor for object %d in   database %d in %state..." leads to zombie processes corruption. Error 2780 with stacktrace when querying table 10353 when executing sp_sysmon Cannot read, host process disconnected sp_bindcache command fails due to level0 transaction. sp_helpdb shows that syslogs freespace has a negative number. Error 724: 'memalloc ' was passed an illegal size value - ASE msg: WARNING #13110 DSI...does not return native errors. Error   action mapping may not be correct. reports "infected with signal 11" with or without stack   trace when accessing monProcessProcedures - SAP ASE Issues on ASE Server - ASE
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