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August 2019

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
28-AugASE ERP: Find the list of important KBAs and SAP Notes for SAP ASE via KBA2162183:
26-AugASE ERP: How to check database statistics last updated date/time and percent rows modified in tables of your SAP ASE? Please get the steps via KBA2532538:
21-AugASE ERP: How to increase the database space if it runs out of space? Please check this hot KBA1931223:
19-AugASE ERP: During SUM upgrade getting error during SHDINST_DB_PREP phase you may see [ASE Error SQL10331]. Learn more about this issue with KBA2794343:
14-AugASE ERP: If there were connectivity issues when trying to start the second application Server in HADR environment and you see message 9214 in the ASE log, please check KBA2797199 for the resolution:
12-AugASE ERP: After restoring the master database following SAP note 1611715, ASE does not start and it seems to hang during recovering sybsystemdb. Please find the resolution of this issue via KBA280696:
7-AugASE ERP: While you are upgrading the support package component level using SPAM, you might face ASE Error SQL175 in import_proper phase. Learn more about this issue via KBA2808513:
5-AugASE ERP: You find out that DBACockpit started in web browser tries to open another URL after you refresh the system with a copy. Please check KBA2813378 for the detail information:


July 2019

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
24-JulASE ERP: You get Msg 10391 when running command sp_showplan. Please check for the resolution via KBA2813845:
22-JulASE ERP: Is it possible to change the naming convention of the dump files generated using dump config? Please check the answer via KBA2801475:

ASE ERP: You are running SAP Business Suite on SAP ASE and you see signal 4(SIGILL) in Dflt_Norm_Map. Please learn more detail information about this issue via KBA2801880:

15-JulASE ERP: You are not able to start ASE database using startsap if started manually with startsever -f <RUN_file> reported message "kernel kbcreate: couldn't get shmid for kernel region. kernel kistartup: could not create shared memory". Learn more about this issue via KBA2802147:
10-JulASE ERP: SUM DMO fails with ASE Error SQL9573 with this message even though lastest BW Correction Collection is implemented in your system. Learn more about this issue via KBA2802363
8-JulASE ERP: After migration from Oracle to ASE, you experienced performance degradation on transaction ME2O. Please check the resolution via KBA2803986:
3-JulASE ERP: You may see ASE server shuts down abruptly after hitting error 539,871,716. Please check KBA2804497 for more detail information
1-JulASE ERP: In DBA Cockpit, the "Top SQL Statements" does not display any sql statements. Get the resolution via KBA2778974:


June 2019

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
26-JunASE ERP: Your EWA report is reporting that one or more table options are not set correctly. Learn more about this message via KBA2780687:
24-JunASE ERP: You have increased the /sybase partition size from OS level but in DBA Cockpit it still shows the old capacity. Got more detail information via KBA2782501:
19-JunASE ERP: You find that the size of DB device is much smaller than the specified size when the device is created by SWPM. Please see KBA2785462 for the explanation.

ASE ERP: You are not able to install ASE on windows 10 machine because of message "Invocation of this Java Application has caused and Invocation TargetException". Please see the cause and resolution via KBA2769371:

12-JunASE ERP: You are running SAP Business Suite on SAP ASE, you see signal 11 in module get_resrow_size in the ASE log when running sp_sysmon. Please see the cause and resolution via KBA2788678:
10-JunASE ERP: If you failed to open DBA Cockpit because of message "CL_DB6_TREE_NA with return code SECURE STORE Error", please check KBA2790990:
5-JunASE ERP: If you see Msg 515 in some DBA Cockpit Collectors, please click on KBA2791418 for the resolution:
3-JunASE ERP: You may see "ASSERTION_FAILED" dump during DMO upgrade of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 to a new SP and migration from ASE to HANA. See more detail information about this dump via KBA2778741:


May 2019

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
22-MayASE ERP: How to manually update index statistics of a table? Please get the steps by KBA1757691:"
20-MayASE ERP: If input list in SQL Statement is greater than 4096, you will get ABAP short dump with message [ASE Error SQL11058]. Learn more about this issue with KBA2747807:"
15-MayASE ERP: When dumping or loading backup through EMC Networker the backup failed with message 'Cannot get operating system error tex'. Learn more about this issue with KBA2774841:"
13-MayASE ERP: You are running SAP Business Suite on SAP ASE. You may want to know what are the limitations for ASE Server such as table size, column length and so on. Please check KBA2775452 for detail information:"
8-MayASE ERP: You got short dump ""Method implementation OPTIMIZE_STAGING_TABLE does not exist"" for Class CL_SYB_RDI_META in a SAP ASE on Business Suite environment. Get the resolution about the short dump by KBA2778478:"
6-MayASE ERP: After upgrading ASE to 16.03.06, the 'Database Dump History' of DBACOCKPIT reports message 'Unable to parse date/time'. Get more detail information about this message via KBA2780872:"
1-MayASE ERP: After upgrading SAP ASE to release 16.0SP03, the ATM and Data Collectors seem to be not working properly and you may get Msg 19072 or Msg 19059. Learn more about this issue with KBA2781292:"


April 2019

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
24-AprASE ERP: When you run the T-Code ""DBACOCKPIT"" in Netweaver ABAP, you are facing the message ""500 Internal Server Error"". Learn more about this issue via KBA2731115:
22-AprASE ERP: An ABAP short dump in CL_DD_DB_VIEW_SYB may occur when run SUM or SPAM update. Please check KBA2736522 for further information.
17-AprASE ERP: ASE is reporting 'sapsa' spid(s) in 'sleeping' status and command ""SET SWITCH"" for sp_who output. Get more detail information via KBA2751378:
15-AprASE ERP: When you dump a database on Windows get error message 'CreateFile'. Learn more about the cause and resolution via KBA2751605:
10-AprASE ERP: The system rename with SWPM fails with message ""Unable to generate a new password for database login 'sa'"". Please get the resolution by KBA2753975:
8-AprASE ERP: During SAP application upgrade phase MAIN_TRANSEXEC/UPDATE_DBSTATS_ACT_TRANS, all update statistics fail with error 10330. Learn more about this message via KBA2758302:
3-AprASE ERP: When you take remote backup using stripes, it fails in 'close' call with OS error number 5. Learn more about this issue via KBA2768134:
1-AprASE ERP: When run sp_helpdb you get message 3606 ""Arithmetic overflow occurred"". Please check KBA2766504 for detail information:


March 2019

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
27-MarASE ERP: ASE may fail to shutdown after issuing 'shutdown with wait' command. Learn more about the symptom and solution with KBA2741163:
25-MarASE ERP: How to restore dump files in a SAP ASE for Business Suite environment? Click on KBA2743380 for the resolution:
20-MarASE ERP: After successful full load of the database, load transaction gets the Msg 4346. Learn about the cause via KBA2745096:
18-MarASE ERP: How to separate the data and log for the sybmgmtdb database? Click on KBA2745696 to get the detail steps.
13-MarASE ERP: The database backup is stopped with message "The'WriteFile' call failed with error number 112". Please find out the cause via KBA2746699:
11-MarASE ERP: On ASE 160 SP03 PL0x, rebuilding CUDFs via saphostctrl fails due to missing password for "sapsso" user in the Local Secure Store of the SAP Host Agent. Get more information via KBA2747275:
6-MarASE ERP: On SAP systems running SAP ASE on Windows platform, an ST22 short dump in CL_DD_DB_VIEW_SYB occurs and the short text is "The ASSERT condition was violated". Please find the detail information about this issue via KBA2748342:
4-MarASE ERP: You see the tempdb database used space keeps increasing but not freed and most of the tempdb space is used by tables named like dmptab*. Please check KBA2753062 for the detail information:


February 2019

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
27-FebASE ERP: While performing data extraction, it failed at one of the info package with this error message 'Error during assignment of Request REQU_xxxxxxxxxxx to Partition'. Please check KBA2708952 for the resolution:
25-FebASE ERP: Where is the REORG job on database 'saptools' starts at 00:00 scheduled? Please check KBA2730302 for the answer:
20-FebASE ERP: You observed that Data collector 'Tables' is not working due to message 233. Learn how to solve this message by KBA2735906:
18-FebASE ERP: when running command 'saphostctrl -function GetDatabaseStatus' it fails with message 'The database <SID> does not exist'. Get more detail information about this issue by KBA2736544:
13-FebASE ERP: The [ASE Error SQL208] is observed during the execution of the Configuration Check functionality in DBA Cockpit. Learn how to solve this message by KBA2736608:
11-FebASE ERP: How to enable SSL in SAP ASE with SAP Business Suite? Get the steps by clicking on KBA2738335:
6-FebASE ERP: You are running SAP systems on ASE 160 SP03 PL05 and above, you see many ASE errors 11021, 249 on VDRAFT_LOCK_EXP.Please check KBA2738592 for the resolution:
4-FebASE ERP: When setup ATM in SAP Solution Manager 7.1, you may get message [ASE Error SQL318]. Learn more about this issue by KBA2738667:


January 2019

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
30-JanASE ERP: During execution of SWPM, you get message 'setup.bin - execve failed'. Learn how to solve this message by KBA2741673:
28-JanASE ERP: How to change the schedule time of "Framework" Data Collector in DBA Cockpit Framework? Please check KBA2729622 for the steps:
23-JanASE ERP: When running dbcc checkcatalog for user SID db it returns Msg 2514 on ASE 160 SP03 PL03 and above.Please learn more about this issue with KBA2729470:

ASE ERP: The Major upgrade of ASE from 15.7 to 16.0 SP03 using saphostctrl on Windows encountered message " Failed to open logfile: '<drive>:\sybase\SID\log\ASE_Suite.log". Please read KBA2727632 for the resolution:

16-JanASE ERP: You get message "You cannot run REORG DEFRAG on 'table_name' as it is a deferred table that has not been allocated any space" when running reorg command on a deferred table. Learn more about this message with KBA2724868:
14-JanASE ERP: You have performance issue with data upload (full) 0CO_OM_OPA_1, since the data upload stops after ~10.600.000 data records.Learn more detail information about this issue with KBA2710252:
9-JanASE ERP: You are using saphostctrl command to start SAP ASE database but failed with message "NIECONN_REFUSED".See how you can solve this message via KBA2709345:
7-JanASE ERP: R3load export of large SAP ERP tables from SAP ASE takes very long and slows the system drastically.The average size of these tables is approx 100GB in terms of "reserved" space.Learn how to improve the performance with KBA2701707:
 2-JanASE ERP: After SP Stack upgrade you found out that the DBA Cockpit left display changed from "Dashboard" to "Growth for device &1".Learn more about this issue with KBA2701644:


December 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
31-DecASE ERP:   During the upgrade of ASE on BS using saphostctrl you are facing the message   "Attempt to setup database saptools failed".Please read KBA2700671   for the resolution:
26-DecASE ERP:   Learn how to solve SAP ASE database message "You can't run SELECT INTO   in this database" via KBA2709833:
24-DecASE ERP:   You are trying to rename the Java Dialog instance of a Fully Activated   Appliance S/4HANA, but you get message "role SYB_USR_SYBASE is not created yet".   Please check KBA2709869 for the resolution:
19-DecASE ERP:   When you re-install Java stack after un-install, you get message "The   installer is started with enabled database environment variables". Learn   more about this issue via KBA2710343:
17-DecASE ERP:   You are upgrading NetWeaver but fails in Phase PREP_INIT/SYB_CHK_PRIVILEGES   with database error 4630. Please read KBA2713636 for the resolution:
12-DecASE ERP:   While implementing the latest version of SAP BW Correction Collection note   for SAP ASE, the implementation stops due to message "SAP Note 2640571   is incomplete". See how you can solve this message via KBA2717208:
10-DecASE ERP:   In DBACockpit, you see message "No maintenance functions are   available", learn more about this issue via KBA2717432:
5-DecASE ERP:   Do you have performance issue after migration your BW to SAP ASE? Please read   KBA2717708 about the resolution:
 3-DecASE ERP:   Learn how to solve the message "Unable to create SAP schedules!" in   the DBACockpit via KBA2717905:


November 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
28-NovASE ERP:   How to solve error 1105 in saptools database? Please check hot KBA1836607:
26-NovASE ERP:   You are upgrading Solution Manager but SUM fails in phase   "MAIN_SHDIMP/SUBMOD_SHD2_RUN/XPRAS_SHD_AIMMERGE" with error   SQL18573. Please check the detail information via KBA2674914:
21-NovASE ERP:   You are running solution Manager system on SAP ASE. The DTP/Data Loads into   Infocubes 0SMD_EA1H and 0SMD_EA2H fail with error SQL9573. Please check   KBA2675991 for the resolution.
19-NovASE ERP:   You see that max_memory is full from the output of sp_monitorconfig. Is this   a problem? Learn more via KBA2699910:
14-NovASE ERP:   You may see SQL error "SQL code: 0" occurred while accessing table   in SAP ASE BW environment. Learn more about this error with KBA2279972:
12 -NovASE ERP:   what should you do if the database data files are missing on disk? Please   check KBA2700583:
7 -NovASE ERP:   Is there an exclude option to not audit a specific user? Please check the   answer via KBA2700926:
5-NovASE ERP:   You are installing SAP ASE with SWPM 1.0 but failed with "FATAL ERROR -   class com.sybase.ia.common. InstallMergeModuleStatus FatalInstallException:   Language Modules: FAILED". Please check KBA2701526 for the   resolution:


October 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
30-OctASE ERP: How to manually update index statistics of a table in Business Suite environment? Learn the steps with KBA1757691:
25-OctASE ERP: When you execute saphostctrl -function command you get error ""Failed to retrieve interface for server  from \sybase\\ini\sql.ini"". Please check KBA2695053 for the resolution:
23-OctASE ERP: You receive error ""SQL Error 30302 The requested crypto provider is unavailable"" during startup of an ABAP system. Please check KBA2691576 for the detail:
18-OctASE ERP: When you use saphostctrl to upgrade ASE server, you get ""Error: Command execution failed. : cudf create script was not found"". Please check KBA2690354 for detail informaton:
16-OctASE ERP: You find that after implementing NW 7.4 SAP_BASIS SP20 and SP21, SP_ADM_CONFIGCHECK was not created. Learn more about this issue via KBA268696:
11-OctRP: The process of updating the ABAP system by the SUM is returning error in phase 5 77% MAIN_NEWBAS / RUN_RUTCNVFUNCCRE.  Please click on KBA2683037 to get more detail information:
9-OctASE ERP: You may see message ""index(objid ##, indid #) in dbid 5 is not get enough benefit, will never try to compress this index"" reported in DBACOCKPIT Self-Monitoring. Learn more about this message via KBA2679289:
4-OctASE ERP: When selecting Repair ATM, receiving error ""The ATM setup on system is incomplete or out-of-date and needs to be adjusted"". Please check KBA2674855 for the resolution:
 2-OctASE ERP: You add a non-SAP ASE system to DBACockpit and schedule a job in DBACockpit as per SAP KBA 2217664.  After scheduled, the job status shows 'Not available' instead of 'Planned'. Please find the detail information about this issue by KBA2673114:

September 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
27-SepASE ERP: You find out that configuration check 'allow db suspect on rollback error' still RED even though implemented SAP Note2645933. Please check KBA2675902 for the further action:
25-SepASE ERP: The command "stopsap" was executed but the database does not complete that action, please check KBA2562274 to check the detail:
20-SepASE ERP: SAP Hostagent 7.21 PL 37 applied as mentioned in SAP Note2646914. But the SAPDBCTRL still reads the global secure store even if it finds wrong type code in first attempt and takes more than 4 mins to get the result for saphostctrl. Please learn more about this issue via KBA2677245:
18-SepASE ERP: You are running Solution Manager 7.2 on SAP ASE 160 SP02 PL04 and above. DTP fails with SQL9573 on a failed YELLOW request. Please learn more about this issue via KBA2454026:
13-SepASE ERP: Error SQL12207 returned when accessing table "ROOSPRMSC" during delta loads. Learn more about this issue via KBA2472992:
11-SepASE ERP: The ASE spid hangs in 'prepprev' after rollback due to Error 2601. Please find the cause and resolution via KBA2503863:
6-SepASE ERP: In SM21 log you see Error SQL30149 when Process Chains are running and you could see similar errors in the developer work process trace. Please check KBA2514404 for the resolution of this issue:
4-SepASE ERP: You found that the DBACockpit is reporting Secondary Indexes missing in the database and the missing indexes belong to Infocubes. Learn more about this problem with KBA2544273:


August 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
30-AugASE ERP: Learn how to manually update index statistics for a table in SAP ASE for Business Suite environment with KBA1757691:
28-AugASE ERP: Do you know how to solve error 1105 ""Can't allocate space for object..."" in saptools database? Please check this hot KBA1836607:
23-AugASE ERP: You upgraded to 16.0 SP03 from an earlier SP and the configuration ""enable granular permissions"" is set. dump database using sapsa fails on Auditing database (sybsecurity) with error Msg 10331. Please check KBA2644574 for the detail information:
21-AugASE ERP: How to drop and recreate an index on a user table in a SAP ASE for Business Suite environment? Please see KBA2661471:
16-AugASE ERP: You upgraded to 16.0 SP03 PL04 from an earlier SP, even though the configuration ""enable granular permissions"" is enabled and 'sapsa' is the dbo of  database, the 'sapsa' failed to use setuser command to adopt the identity of user 'SAPSR3' in  database with Msg 10331 Permission denied. Please check in detail via KBA2663238:
14-AugASE ERP: You may see Errors 15088 and Error 2526 when running command 'dbcc shrinkdb_setup', learn more about this issue with KBA2667241:
9-AugASE ERP: Trying to add 3rd party backup tool """"Commvault"""" in SAP ASE business suite envoirnement but gets error. Please click on KBA2667638 for the detail information:
7-AugASE ERP: If the SUM upgrade fails and stops in post-processing phase MAIN_POSTCLEAN/SQLDB_RENAMEIND_SYB with ASE SQL error 17782, please see KBA2669002:
 2-AugASE ERP: You are using latest SWPM 1.0 SP23 to migrate from Oracle to SAP ASE 16.0.03.xx. During the process the upgrade returns the following error ""Assertion failed: Detected database connection issues for host strsap with port 4901 and database server name "". Please check the resolution via KBA2670771:


July 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
27-JulASE ERP: When installing NW AS ABAP 7.51 Innovation Package, error ""X:\sybase\\OCS-16_0\bin\isql64.exe is missing"" may raise, please see KBA2670836 for the details:
26-JulASE ERP: A Unix-based system already exists and you are installing an additional application server on a Windows host. After application is installed on Windows, it cannot be brought up due to error [Record with key ""DB_CONNECT/DEFAULT_DB_USER"" not found in secure storage]. Please find the resolution via KBA2596382:
24-JulASE ERP: Does SAP ASE for Business Suite support VEEAM backups? Please see KBA2642347:
19-JulASE ERP: You are upgrading SAP NetWeaver 750 running on SAP ASE 16.0 P03 PL03 and get error [""SAP_LEFT""/""SAP_INSTR"" statement for function ""CREATE"" cannot be executed] in phase MAIN_NEWBAS/RUN_RUTCNVFUNCCRE. Learn more about this issue via KBA2646294:
17-JulASE ERP: How to reduce spinlock contention in SAP ASE for BS environment? Please check KBA2649409 for the details:
12-JulASE ERP: You may find out that startsap does not work on Linux Machine after Kernel Upgrade and execute startdb gets error ""using SecureStore to retrieve ASE administrator and password..."". Learn more a about this via KBA2650414:
10-JulASE ERP: While performing a DMO with system move Oracle to SAP ASE in execution phase, [ASE Error SQL4601] may occur. Please check this KBA for the resolution:
5-JulASE ERP: Error 12207 [Could not acquire a lock within the specified wait period] may be reported when UPDATE ""USR02"" and trying to get exclusive row lock on table ""USR02"". To learn more about this issue please open KBA2656992:
 3-Jul ASE ERP: You are upgrading SAP ASE to 16SP03PLxx using saphostctrl. The upgrade aborts with error: ""Installed version ( is older than the minimum version ( to do update."" Please check KBA2657177 for the resolution:


June 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
28-JunASE ERP: If the Netweaver and SAP ASE installation fails with error "Unable to work with the database script nwpreload", please check KBA2584503 for the resolution:
26-JunASE ERP: If you find JSAgent error "jsj__RunSQLJob: jsd_MakeConnection() failed for user sapsa to server" in the JSAgent log, please check KBA2585418 for the resolution:
21-JunASE ERP: When you attempt to set up Remote DB Monitoring for SAP ASE, after the correct ODBC and DBSL drivers are downloaded and applied, connection fails to find Please see how to solve this issue via KBA2611785:
19-JunASE ERP: You are migrating your SAP BW system to SAP ASE 160 SP02 via SUM DMO. ASE ERP: You are migrating your SAP BW system to SAP ASE 160 SP02 via SUM DMO.
14-JunASE ERP: How to resolve Error 644 on a user table in SID database? Please find the resolution in KBA2624740:
12-JunASE ERP: How to reset "SAP*" password in a Business Suite environment? Please find the steps in KBA2637082:
7-JunASE ERP: Do you need to prepare licenses for each SID database when installing Solution Manager 7.2 with dual stacks? Please find the answer via KBA2642172:
5-JunASE ERP: While upgrading an ERP system from EHP7 to EHP8, SAP ASE may raise Error 1105 on logsegment, learn more about this issue via KBA2642537:

May 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
31-MayASE ERP: You are using TSM to administer SAP ASE database backups. If dump database to TSM failed with Msg 11076, please check KBA2629866 for the resolution:
29-MayASE ERP: You are upgrading SAP ASE to 16.0 SP03 PL03 using saphostctrl and fails with error 'There is already an object named 'DBH_STG_SYSWAITS' in the database'. Please learn more about this issue with KBA2631512:
25-MayASE ERP: The SAP ASE installation with SWPM may fail with error "The content has been tampered with and must not be used". Learn more about this issue with KBA2530878:
24-MayASE ERP: You are running SAP Solution Manager on SAP ASE 15.7 database and you see Error 702 on highly partitioned F tables. Please learn more with KBA2626359:
17-MayASE ERP: If ATM is not running after setting up DBACockpit, please see more about this issue via KBA2627642:
15-MayASE ERP: If you are unable to logon to the SAP application with ""Connection refused"" message, please check KBA2274077 for details:
10-MayASE ERP: You are running Business Suite (BS) or Business Warehouse (BW) on SAP ASE. If you have Error 926 with SID database, please check KBA2605537 to see the resolution:
8-MayASE ERP: The SAP applications running slow during RFC processing, ICM background jobs and you see SQL error 12205, 12207 on NRIV in a SAP ASE for Business Suite environment, please check KBA2489011 for the resolution:
 3-MayASE ERP: You are running SAP applications on SAP ASE database, and the SAP Basis SP update via SPAM persistently fails with Error SQL30046 during conflict checks. Please check KBA2614989 for the resolution:
 1-MayASE ERP: If you have error ""Assertion failed: Unable to work with the database script nwpreload"" when using SWPM to install Netweaver and SAP ASE, please check KBA2625435 for the detail information:

 April 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
26-AprASE ERP: If you get an error when running R3trans -X from a Java stack system, please check KBA2584472:
24-AprASE ERP: You may see Msg 18124 when running sp_configure after you upgrade SAP ASE to 16.0 SP02 PL07, please check the resolution via KBA2604896:
19-AprASE ERP: Do you know how to implement "Obsolete version implemented" status note using transaction SNOTE? Please check KBA2609904 for the steps:
17-AprASE ERP: If you have a brand new installation of SAP NetWeaver 7.51, you found out that Data Collectors and ATM were not installed and failed with SQL208 error, please check KBA2596223 for detail information about this issue.
10-AprASE ERP: When executing SUM/DMO for upgrade to SAP Netweaver 7.5 and migrate from Oracle DB to ASE, you get "Error SQL2714 while running SUM during phase MAIN_SWITCH/PARMVNT_XCNV", please check KBA2561284 for the resolution:
5-AprASE ERP: You are upgrading SAP ASE with saphostctrl / sapdbctrl, but fails with "Command execution failed. : Operation not supported (fault code: 127)". Check the resolution via KBA2044570:
3-AprASE ERP: Do you know how to detect if the ASE Job Scheduler is running or hanging? Learn more about Job Scheduler via KBA2510154:

March 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
29-MarASE ERP: If you getting Error in Database Extractor setup when you performing managed system configuration via solman, please check KBA2453097 to learn detail information about this issue:

ASE ERP: You are running SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and during the SAP Configuration Check in the DBACockpit you get the following error [ASE Error SQL207][SAP][ASE ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Enterprise]Invalid column name 'DYNAMIC_RULE'. Please get more information about the cause and resolution with KBA2458516:

22-MarASE ERP: You want to monitor and administer SAP ASE databases remotely using DBA Cockpit, during the setup you find [ASE Error SQL1913 There is already an index on table 'DBH_CONFIG' named "DBH_CONFIG~0"], please learn more about this error via KBA2436979:
20-MarASE ERP: Youu are running SAP application on SAP ASE and getting error "SQL code: 12205" in shortdump, please check KBA2372955 for the detail information:
13-MarTransaction DBACOCKPIT may report the message like ""The ATM setup on system 'XYZ' is incomplete or out-of-date and needs to be adjusted."" when start it from different SAP systems such as SAP ERP and SOLMAN. Please check more detail information about this error via KBA 1920025:
8-MarABAP transactions may report short dump when they are ran in parallel. It depends on ABAP code and the behavior of uncommitted insert on SAP ASE. From ASE 15.7 SP121 and later, we can use new configure parameter to control the behavior. Please check KBA 1974184 to know how to use this parameter:
6-MarWhen trying to setup "System Waits" collector in DBA Cockpit, you get the error message [ASE Error SQL2714]. Please check KBA 2280377 for the complete error message and resolution:

February 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
27-FebSAP Data Management: You are installing new CRM based on NW 7.4 with declustering and depooling option, ABAP import returning "Create index was aborted" for declustering table. Please open KBA 2098811 to find the cause and resoluton:
22-FebSAP Data Management: You are running SAP ASE for Business Suite, you may have Error SQL247 "Arithmetic overflow during explicit conversion..." during scheduling an action. Please learn more about this issue via KBA 2009633:
20-FebSAP Data Management: When you perform Homogenous system copy with Backup/Restore to copy an SAP system, you have error "Assertion failed: Unable to verify database dump files" during the import phase, please check KBA 1913378 to get the resolution!
15-FebSAP Data Management: If you are processing Homogeneous system copy and fails in the phase "Configure database components" with error " Assertion failed: Unable to load database ()", please check KBA 2191248 for the resolution:
8-FebSAP Data Management: When trying to change password of SAPSR3, sapsa and sapsso using sybctrl, it sometimes fails with [ASE Error SQL17240]. Please find the resolution via KBA 2391005:
6-FebSAP Data Management: Sometimes you may get ASE Error 1601, and after checking the ASE errorlog you found that the ASE server is using DEVELOPMENT license. Please see KBA 2219246 for the resolution for this issue:
1-FebSAP Data Management: If you get error message "Unable to alter table 'DBH_MSG_LOG' "during Database Extractor setup, please check KBA 2099027 for the resolution:


January 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
30-JanSAP Data Management: For a Java stack system, you may get "Read operation timed out" error in the application trace file. Learn more about this issue via KBA 2497641:
25-JanSAP Data Management: How do you solve the connectivity error [ASE Error SQL30294]? Please check KBA 2511564 for the detailed information about this error:
23-JanSAP Data Management: You are using SUM to upgrade your SAP system (ERP / Solution Manager) running on SAP ASE database and find the SUM phase MAIN_POSTCLEAN/RUN_RSAIMMERGE_TRANSFER to be running very long. Please find the resolution for this issue via KBA 2447367:
16-JanSAP Data Management: Do you know how to find the database administration document for SAP Business Suite running on SAP ASE? Please check KBA 2582542 to find the documents:
11-JanSAP Data Management: You are monitoring SAP ASE databases on SAP Solution Manager 7.2. You find [ASE Error SQL17260] occur incessantly in the SM21 system log. Please check KBA 2448043 for the resolution.
9-JanSAP Data Management: Do you know how to reset sapsa password? Please check the steps to reset the sapsa password in KBA 2228120 in case you don't remember the password.
4-JanSAP Data Management: The Error 1601 may occur even though you set 'number of user connections' ASE configuration parameter to high enough. Please check KBA 1933435 for the cause and resolution:
2-JanSAP Data Management: During the installation of Solution Manager 7.2 SR2 on AIX, there may be "Assertion failed: Unable to install the database software" error. Learn more about this error via KBA 2461125:



December 2017

Posted DateBroadcasted Message

How do you solve the Error "Terminating with error code 13" when running startdb to start database? Please check KBA 2250809 for the resolution:

 26-DecYou are running SAP EWM applications on SAP ASE database. There is short dump "SQL code: 0" occurred while accessing table "/SCWM/ORDIM_O" at runtime. Please check KBA 2406364 for the resolution:
 21-DecDo you know how to schedule regular backups for your SAP system running on SAP ASE? Please find the steps in KBA 1841993:
19-Dec If you found Deadlocks on REPOSRC and SQL30046 errors when installing or upgrading your SAP system on SAP ASE, please check the KBA 2369653 for the resolution:

SAP Data Management: You are migrating your BW environment to SAP ASE and Error SQL4851 returned during import of F table. See details at KBA 2125141:

 12-DecCheck KBA 2104317 for the resolution if you find out that DBACockpit returning Missing Database Objects after migration.
 7-DecLearn more about SAP ASE service pack update compatibility with KBA 1898535: 
5-Dec SAP Data Management: How do you solve [ASE Error SQL21] and Fatal Error 614 in Business Suite environment? Please check KBA 1898218:


November 2017 

Posted DateBroadcasted Message

How to solve warning message "Increase the config parameter 'number of open XXX' to avoid descriptor reuse." via DBACockpit? Please check KBA 1867120 for detail steps: 

 28-NovSometimes, you may find out that configuring a system landscape directory with transaction solman_setup may cause very slow response times or timeout errors during the prerequisites check. Please check KBA 1829335 to learn more about how to improve the performance: 
 23-NovIf you found out that the SAP AS ABAP Kernel or a tool like tp, R3trans, sapdbctrl etc. tries to connect to SAP ASE database fails to establish a connection with error, please check KBA 1817091 for the resolution: 
 21-NovDo you know how to create an additional tempdb with SAP ASE in a Business Suite environment? Please find the detailed steps in KBA 1752266:
 17-NovHow do you enlarge saptools database through DBA Cockpit? Follow the step by step guide in KBA 2381666:
 16-NovHow do you solve ASE Error SQL4002 - Login failed for SAPSR3 during upgrade or migration of SAP Netweaver system? Please check KBA 2482573 for resolution: 
 14-NovSometimes, you find out that the Job Scheduler is stopped because database sybmgmtdb ran out of space. In many cases, the cause is that js_history and js_output tables are increased rapidly. So how do you solve this problem? Please check KBA 2361809:
 10-NovHow do you configure reorg on saptools database in DBA Cockpit? Follow the step by step guide in KBA 2006899:
 9-NovWhen you are trying to configure a SAP Java System from SAP Solution Manager you may get Error 156 in Database extractor setup phase. Please check KBA 2455673 for the resolution:
 7-NovHow do you manually run reorg on a table using isql in a SAP ASE for Business Suite environment? Please follow the steps in KBA 2367065:
 2-NovDuring installation of SAP Netweaver 7.4 using SWPM the installation stops at step "Configure Database Server" with error 'Assertion failed'. How do you correct this error? Please check KBA 1889468:


October 2017

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
31-OctIt is important to check the compatibility of fixes with previous ASE releases before upgrading SAP ASE. Learn more about the compatibility information via KBA 1898535:
26-OctHow do you solve the error 'concurrency_opt_threshold expected value = -1 but current value = 15' which is showing in DBA Cockpit Configuration Check? Please check KBA 2509889 for the resolution:
24-OctWhy is the data collector 'System Time Breakdown' is Red and the status is 'View definition is different!'? Learn more about this issue via KBA 2435044:
19-OctIf you are receiving DBSQL_SQL_ERROR dump with [ASE Error SQL30294:HY000], please check KBA 2511564 for the possible resolution:
17-OctHow do you solve warning message "Increase the config parameter 'number of open XXX' to avoid descriptor reuse" in a SAP ASE for Business Suite environment? Learn more via KBA 1867120:
12-OctYou are migrating your BW environment to SAP ASE and some F fact tables are returning errors in import_monitor.log, you can also see [ASE Error SQL4851] in the SAPDFACT_xx.log. Please check KBA 2125141 for more detailed information about this issue:
10-OctYou may see ABAP dump error with Error SQL701 "There is not enough procedure cache..." frequently from ST22. Please check KBA 1933464 for the resolution:
5-OctDo you know how to avoid '[ASE Error SQL18607] sp_dbrecovery_order: No databases have user specified recovery order...' in SM21? Please check KBA 1939190 for detailed information:
3-OctYou are upgrading SAP ASE with saphostctrl but failed with 'exit code 1' or 'exit code 255'. Please check KBA 2384542 for the resolution:


September 2017 

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
28-SepDo you know how to recreate the corrupted saptools database when there is no clear backup available? Learn how to recreate saptools database with KBA 2497314:
26-SepDo you know how to create an additional tempdb when you are running SAP Business Suite on SAP ASE? Please check KBA 1752266 for detailed steps:
21-SepIf you are running BW on SAP ASE, have you ever seen error SQL 5702 with some complex BW queries when executing reports? Learn more about this issue with KBA 2283395:
14-SepLearn how the DBA Cockpit and its automatic table maintenance for SAP ASE ensures good cluster ratios on tables and indexes, frees up unused space and ensures accurate optimizer statistics. See details at:
12-SepHow do you upgrade SAP ASE with saphostctrl in an SAP Business Suite environment? Learn more via SAP Note 1982469:
11-SepWhen you install Solution Manger 7.2 with SAP ASE you may find 'Assertion failed: Unable to set up job scheduler' in the sapinst_dev log, and there is also Error 840 in the ASE log. Please check KBA 2494044 for the resolution:
7-SepDo you know which information should be checked and collected when SAP ASE for Business Suite has problems? Please check KBA 2505797 for detail information:
5-SepHow do you solve Error SQL30012 "Client unable to establish a connection" reported in DBA Cockpit? Please check KBA 2109081 for the resolution:


August 2017 

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
31-AugHow do you troubleshoot ATM and Scheduled Jobs defined with DBA Cockpit when they are not executed as expected? Learn more in KBA 1835880:
29-AugDo you know where you can find user assistance for the product SAP ASE in a Business Suite environment which helps you to install and update, configure and operate your installation successfully? Learn more in KBA 2497921:
24-AugYou might receive Error 1601 even though the 'number of user connections' ASE parameter is set high enough, please check KBA 1933435 to find out the cause and the resolution:
22-AugLearn how to reorganize and rebuild the database tables manually via 'isql' tool. Please check KBA 2496921:
17-AugDo you know how to schedule regular backups for SAP ASE in a Business Suite environment? Please find the steps in KBA 1841993:
15-AugDo not miss these important Notes and KBAs about planning, installing, migrating, upgrading, diagnosing SAP ASE for Business Suite environments. Please check them via KBA 2162183:
8-AugIf you are running BW or BS on SAP ASE, [ASE Error SQL1105] may occur because of the available space to store data or transaction log has been exhausted. Learn how to solve error 1105 in different situations via KBA 1931223:
3-AugYou are running BW on SAP ASE and [SQL error ""SQL code: 0"" occurred while accessing table] occurs during run of process chains. Please check the detail information about this issue via KBA 2279972:


July 2017

Posed DateBroadcasted Message
31-JulYou are running Business Suite on SAP ASE and "R3load.exe -testconnect exits with error code 2" error occurs during Import ABAP phase. Please find the resolution at KBA 2181942:

You are installing or upgrading your SAP system on SAP ASE database. The IMPORT phases of SUM and SPAM stop, go slow, and/or fail due to deadlock errors on the REPOSRC table. Learn more at KBA 2369653:

20-JulHow do you reset the password of "sapsso" user? Learn the detailed steps in KBA 2008256:
18-JulYou are unable to start <SID> database by executing startdb because of error "Terminating with error code 13". Learn how to solve the error via KBA 2250809:
13-JulYou are monitoring SAP ASE databases on SAP Solution Manager 7.2. You find error [ASE Error SQL17260] occurs incessantly in the SM21 system log on your Solution Manager system. Find resolution details at KBA 2448043:
11-JulYou have setup the DBA Cockpit on SAP ASE. The DBA Cockpit reports errors SQL30012 and SQL30294. Learn how to solve the problem via KBA 2109081:
4-JulYou have setup the DBA Cockpit on SAP ASE but how do you troubleshoot when transaction DBACOCKPIT does not work properly?


June 2017

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
27-JunDo you know how to configure automatic database and log backups in your SAP system on SAP ASE? It can save you time and effort!
26-JunAs SAP applications require specific database configurations, it is necessary to check if your SAP ASE database is configured properly according to SAP's requirements and recommendations. Please check this hot SAP Note:
22-JunYour application will report error message [ASE Error SQL1204] which is generated by ASE when the 'number of locks' is exhausted. How do you increase the value of 'number of locks'?
20-JunYou are performing a Solution Manager upgrade. However, the upgrade fails in SHADOW_IMPORT_INC step due to conflicting unique indexes on table COMC_ATTRIBUTE. What action should you take to solve this error?
15-JunThe saptools database stores the runtime monitoring data, collected by the Data Collection Framework monitoring an SAP system running on ASE. Sometimes Error 1105 occurs when not enough space is available to store new data. Let us teach you how to solve Error 1105 against saptools database.
13-JunLearn how to manually update index statistics of a table using isql in addition to regularly scheduled DBACockpit ATM routines.
8-JunWhy does a query on an InfoCube return an empty result set unexpectedly after migration of an SAP BW system to SAP ASE?