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The purpose is to overcome the installation problem on Windows 2012.   When trying to Install Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise PC Client x64 version 15.5 on windows 2012, the error says,
"The application has unexpectedly quit, invocation of this java application has caused an invocation Target exception. this application will now exit(LAX)"


As Windows 2012 is being deployed by many companies, they are migrating their applications that use the Sybase client libraries. This also includes ODBC, OLEDB, ADO.NET, CTLIBRARY, DBLIBRARY, ESQL/C, ESQL/Cobol. These are all products that are included with the SDK and the PC Client.

Sybase Software Developers Kit releases are based on currently available Operating Systems.  For instance, SDK version 15.5 was released at the time when Windows 7 was available.  After SDK version 15.5 was released, and SDK version 15.7 was released, Windows 2012 was released.  Sybase then will certify the latest release of the SDK first with the latest version of Windows.  In this case Windows 2008 and 2012.

Version 15.5 PC Client and 15.5 SDK are not certified on Windows 2012. Version 15.7 ESD#6 are the minimum versions that are certified for Windows 2012 because SDK 15.7 GA is not certified on Windows 2012, and will not install, you will need to install ESD#6 or later. The ESD's are full installations and do not require the GA release to be installed previously.

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