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The purpose of this page is to provide SAP customers with information on the schedule of future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) releases and the fixes these are expected to contain, subject to disclaimer below:

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

This document will be updated as long as new information is available. Be sure to check this document frequently so you are kept informed of any changes to the postings below.

Note: The target dates are subject to change.

  • For SAP Business Suite Running on ASE Please refer to notes:

*1 The ASE 16 SP02 PL 01 Has been released for installations with SAP applications only with SAP NetWeaver 7.50
*2 SAP ASE 16.0 SP02 PL02 has been released for earlier SAP Netweaver versions as well.


Please note, in order to view the contents of the Targeted CR List and SAP Notes/KBA , you will need to be logged into Service Marketplace.

Direct link to Service Marketplace database page:

SMP Edition:

Release #

Release Type

Release Status For Custom Applications

Release Status for SAP Applications (Business Suite)

Targeted CR List

Notes for Q4, 2024Planned for Q4, 2024
SAP PAM for ASE 16.1 PL05Planned for Q3, 2023Planned for Q3, 2023CR list (KBA 3347322) PL04Released in Mar, 2023Released in Mar, 2023CR list (KBA 3253524) PL03 HF1Released in Dec, 2022Released in Dec, 2022CR list (KBA 3267132) PL03Released in Sep, 2022Released in Sep, 2022CR list (KBA 3203503) PL02 HF1Released in Dec, 2022Released in Dec, 2022CR list (KBA 3267131)Solaris Sparc is the only version not released yet, other O.S. have been released. PL02Released in April, 2022Released in April, 2022CR list (KBA 3115940) PL01 HF2Released in Mar, 2022 Released in Mar, 2022CR list (KBA 3151713)log4j upgrades

SP04 PL01 HF1

Released in Dec, 2021 

Release Note 3135356Just for windows installer

SP04 PL01

Released in Aug, 2021 

Released in Aug, 2021CR list (KBA 3041421) Released in Dec, 2020   Released in Jan, 2021CR list (KBA 2985545) PL15Planned for Q1, 2024Planned for Q1, 2024CR list (KBA 3347323) PL14 Released in Jun, 2023   Released in Jun, 2023   CR list (KBA 3267122) PL13Released in Dec, 2022Released in Jan, 2023CR list (KBA 3208547) PL12 HF1Released in Sep, 2022Released in Sep, 2022 CR list (KBA 3139782) PL12Released in Jun, 2022Released in Jun, 2022CR list (KBA 3139782)SunSparc released. PL11 HF1Released in Mar, 2022Released in Mar, 2022CR list (KBA 3151712)log4j upgrades PL11Released in Nov, 2021Released in Nov, 2021CR list (KBA 3076899) PL10Released in May, 2021Released in May, 2021CR list (KBA 2985561) PL09Released in Aug, 2020Released in Aug, 2020CR list (KBA 2900573)For BS located in installation media PL08 HF1 Released in Apr, 2020   Released in Apr, 2020   CR list (KBA 2919101) PL08 Released in Mar, 2020   Released in Mar, 2020CR list (KBA 2816551) PL07 Released in Jun, 2019   Released in Jun, 2019   CR list (KBA 2694360) PL06 Released in Jan, 2019 Released in Jan, 2019
CR list (KBA 2659546) PL05 HF1 Released in Sep, 2018 Released in Oct, 2018 CR list (KBA 2699331) PL05 Released in Aug, 2018 Released in Aug, 2018 CR list (KBA 2659592) PL04 Released in May, 2018 Released in May, 2018 CR list (KBA 2561178) PL03Released in Dec, 2017 Released in Apr, 2018  CR list (KBA 2560200) PL02Released in Oct, 2017 Oct, 2017 Early Adopter release only   CR list (KBA 2508637) PL01  Released in Aug, 2017Not Certified for Business Suite CR list (KBA 2502605)  Released in Jun, 2017 Not Certified for Business Suite CR list (KBA 2445789) PL09 HF1Released in Apr, 2020   Released in Apr, 2020   CR list (KBA 2919078) PL09Released in Jan, 2020 Released in Jan, 2020  CR list (KBA 2816591) PL08 Released in Jan, 2019 Released in Jan, 2019   CR list (KBA 2661920) PL07 HF1Released in Jul, 2018Released in Jul, 2018   CR list (KBA 2632245) PL07Released in Dec, 2017Released in Jan 2018  CR list (KBA 2502682) PL06 HF1Released in  Jul, 2017 Released in  Jul, 2017 CR list (KBA 2503359) PL06 Released in Jun, 2017Not Certified for Business Suite CR list (KBA 2432497) SP02 PL05 HF2Released in Mar, 2017Not Certified for Business Suite CR list (KBA 2432533) PL05 HF1 Released in Jan,2017  Released in Jan,2017

CR list ( KBA 2408274 )

SP02 PL05

Released in Dec, 2016

Not Certified for Business Suite

CR list ( KBA 2332779 ) SP02 PL04 HF 1Released in Sep,2016Released in Sep, 2016 CR list ( KBA 2369603 )

SP02 PL04

Released in Jun, 2016

Released in Jun, 2016

CR list (KBA 2307100)

SP02 PL03 HF1 

Released in Apr, 2016

 Released in Apr, 2016

CR list ( KBA 2315964 )

SP02 PL03

Released in Mar, 2016

Not Certified for Business Suite

CR list ( KBA 2265965 )

SP02 PL02 

Released in Dec, 2015

 Released in Dec, 2015 *2

CR list ( KBA 2245004 )

SP02 PL01 

Released in Oct, 2015

Released in Oct, 2015*1

CR list (KBA 2227805)


Released in Sep, 2015

Not Certified for Business Suite

CR list (KBA 2210654) PL03Released in Feb, 2016 Released in Feb, 2016CR list (KBA 2203862)

SP01 PL02

Released in Jun, 2015

Released in Jun, 2015

CR list (KBA 2156266)

SP01 PL01

Released in April, 2015

 Released in April, 2015

Check 1554717   

CR list (KBA 2150561)


Released in Mar, 2015

Not Certified for Business Suite

CR list (KBA 2077416)


Released in Dec, 2014

Check 1554717   

CR list (KBA 2090975)


Released in Sep, 2014

Check 1554717   

CR list (KBA 2077408)


Released in Jun, 2014

Check 1554717   

CR list (KBA 2077434)


Released in Apr, 2014

Check 1554717 

CR list (KBA 2077421)


Released in Mar, 2014

Check 1554717 

CR list (KBA 2076005)

Cluster Edition 

Release #

Release Type

Targeted Release Date

Targeted CR List

Release Status


SP01 CE Released for Linux Only                                                  

Dec, 2015

CR list (KBA 2203150)  


Released Dec, 2015 

  • Release Terminology:
    1. EBF: This term applies to ASE releases. An EBF number uniquely identifies a given release on an individual platform.
    2. GA (General Availability): The initial release of a new, version of SAP software. This release typically contains several new features, in addition to fixed situations.
    3. SP (Support Package): Software patches previously known to Sybase customers as ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) following major or minor releases will be referred to as SP (support package). An SP may contain new features.
    4. PL (Patch Level): A patch level is a collection of fixes that are added to an SP. Note that ASE 16.0 GA is effectively the same as ASE 16.0 SP00 PL00.
    5. HF (Hot Fix).  A collection of more urgent/important bug fixes released between scheduled PL releases.
  • Updates may be made prior to the next scheduled update of this posting. For example, when an EBF/SP is actually released or if there are major delays to an EBF/SP previously scheduled to release shortly.
  • EBF cover letters contain the final list of fixed situations and corresponding descriptions in a release. The CR lists above are only targets and not final.
  • The release schedule is based on the general assumption that patches across platforms will be released around the same timeframe, if not on the same date. Major exceptions will be noted in the Notes column of the table.


  1. Former Member

    Is there a release date yet for

    CR 593136,  KBA 2216011 and can I subscribe to be notified when it is ready?



    1. Gary, it is not fixed yet. You can subscribe to the KBA and you will be notified when we update it with the fix version.


  2. Hi, can you please elaborate on the SAP ASE release strategy or point to where I can find info?  E.g. HANA has concept of revision, support package and support pack stack with details around each.  Does SAP ASE have anything similar?

    Many thanks and regards,


    1. Hi Nic,

      About ASE, there is information about Road Map, Database  & Technology: . For Support Packges (SP) you will find new features + fixes, and for Patch Level (PL) you will find the collection of fixes, as described in above Wiki.

      3.SP (Support Package): Software patches previously known to Sybase customers as ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) following major or minor releases will be referred to as SP (support package). An SP may contain new features.

      4.PL (Patch Level): A patch level is a collection of fixes that are added to an SP. Note that ASE 16.0 GA is effectively the same as ASE 16.0 SP00 PL00.

      Within above Wiki, you will find a KBA containing the list of the CR (Change Request) in each PL/SP, as well as the corresponding targeted date of release.

      Also you can get further details within Help SAP about ASE 16 new Features (for each release) and their corresponding notes in the link bellow, by selecting the SP02 or SP01

      Further more regarding SAP aplications, please keep in mind the minimum supported ASE inside note “1554717 - SYB: Planning information for SAP on ASE”, which is regularly updated.

      Thanks & Regards,


      1. Thank you Pedro, very helpful and does answer my questions.



  3. Hi Pedra,

    We are waiting for SP02 PL06 HF01 for BS, could you confirm , the exact date for the release.

    Since am holding upgrade of 100+ Dev system update to get this patch.

    BR, Sudhakar S

    1. Hi Sudhakar,

      The exact date is not available. We are working to have it released next week.

      Regards, Mark

  4. Hi Mark,

    We could able to see patch  ASE 16.00SP02 PL06 HF01 for BS has been pulled back from SMP.

    Is there any specific reason for that ?

    When can we expect the release back in SMP.

    BR, Sudhakar S

  5. Hi Sudhakar,

    There was a problem in the upload process but the binnaries are ok, currently it available at the path below:


    It will also be available again under Support Packages & Patch's tab. In the meantime it can be downloaded from the Installation path above.



  6. Hi Pedro,

    I am trying to install an "ASE 16 for Business Suite". But I am keep having problems with the package for AIX, 51052162_4. When selecting the package in SWPM I get errors.


    The integrity check for [archives/locales/unicode/sylapi/de_de/sylapi.lcu (and following)


    "sysam_utilities/locales/unicode/sylapi/de_de/sylapi.lcu" (and following)

    of SAP ASE failed. DETAILS: The content has been tampered with and must not be used. 


    Package strucure looks like this: 51052162_4 / Inhouse_  /  SYBASE_AIX_PPC64; file named LABELIDX.ASC / 

    Tried (several) downloads (Browser and Download Manager) with change date from 26.07.2017.

    Could you look into it? 

    Kind Regards


    1. Hi Sven,

      If you unpack it on windows and then transfer to the AIX it may cause issues.In that case, please make sure you have unpacked this RDBMS on AIX.

      If you need further help, could you please open an Expert chat ( 2213344) or incident at



      1. Hi Pedro,

        thank you, yes I did try this as well. I will have to open an incident then.