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Go over changes and how to deal with CT-Library changes, coding, samples and debugging.


This is for all you CT-Library programming needs to connect to ASE, IQ and/or Replication. Please note all the samples here are dealing with SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise).

Changes in the file and/or directory structure

Difference in naming from SDK 12.5.1 to 15.0 syb was added to files. So for example libct went to libsybct.

Difference in location from SDK 12.5.1 to SDK 15.0, so $Sybase\OCS-12_5 to $Sybase\OCS-15_0

Difference in location. from SDK 15.7 to 16.0 so $SAP\OCS-15_0 changed to OCS-16_0

  • both 32 and 64 bit in 64 bit install same installer except .a
  • only 64 bit install includes all 32 and 64 bit binaries

Compiler changes 

Starting with SDK 12.5.1  add -DSYB_LP64 to compile 64 bit binaries

Starting with SDK 16.0 SP03 PL04  -DSYB_LP64 is no longer used to compile 64 bit binaries. Instead LP64, _LP64 or _WIN64 specified by the compiler  determines if 32 or 64 bit mode.

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  • 2681965 - CT-lib application crashes with an invalid local was supplied in the CS_DATAFMT
  • 2799712 - New directory $SAP/SAP_OCS/bin32 to put 32 binaries for bcp and isql
  • 2653077 - SDK and Open Server 32-bit UNIX-based packages to be included in 64-bit platforms

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