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 This is about Key information about the jConnect driver jconn3.jar, jconn4.jar and jconn4.2 driver included in the SDK for SAP ASE.

The main information about this driver are included in this wiki post:  jConnect Driver Overview.

Connection String

  • Connection string options 16.0 SP04 series (jConnect-16_0, JDBC16, jconn4.jar, jconn42.jar)
  • Connection strings options 16.0 SP03 series (jConnect-16_0,JDBC16,  jconn4.jar)
  • Connection string options 16.0 series (jConnect-16_0, JDBC16, jconn4.jar)
  • Connection string options 15.7 series (jConnect-7_0, JDBC7.07 jconn4.jar)
  • Connection string options 15.5 series (jConnect-7_0, JDBC 7.00, jconn4.jar) and (jConnect-6_0, JDBC6.05, jconn3.jar)
  • Connection string options 15.0 series (jConnect-6_0, JDBC6.05, jconn3.jar)
  • Connections string options 12.5.1 series (jConnect-5_5, JDBC5.5 jconn2.jar)

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