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The ocs.cfg file is used to configure / add configuration properties to CT-library applications.  This guide will show you how you can use this file to alter your code without recompiling or changing it.


To configure an Open Client CT-Library application without changing the code you can use the ocs.cfg configuration file.  This file can also add connection properties and help debug issues for specific applications. The ocs.cfg file sample is located in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/config/sample.cfg on unix and $Sybase\$SYBASE_OCS\ini\sample.cfg on windows.

; This is the default external configuration definition file. Feel free to add your own customizations.
        ; This is the default section loaded by applications that use
        ; the external configuration (CS_EXTERNAL_CONFIG) feature, but
        ; which do not specify their own application name (CS_APPNAME).
        ; Initially this section is empty - defaults from all properties
        ; will be the same as earlier releases of Open Client libraries.
        ; This section defines configuration which an ANSI conforming
        ; ESQL application should use to get ANSI - defined behavior
        ; from SQL Servers and Open Client libraries.  This set of
        ; configuration properties matches the set which earlier
        ; releases of ESQL (version 10.0.X) automatically set for
        ; applications during execution of a CONNECT statement.
; End of default sections
; This is a sample section showing how you might alter configuration
; properties for you Embedded SQL application.
        ; use most of the ANSI properties defined above
        include = ANSI_ESQL
        ; but override some default properties
        CS_OPT_CHAINXACTS = CS_FALSE ; run in autocommit mode

Other application names

  • [DEFAULT]  applications like Crystal Reports
  • [NAMED_APP_DEFAULT] for applications like commvault
  • [JS Agent] Job scheduler for ASE and Business Suite for ASE which can be scheduled by ASE Cockpit and DBA Cockpit
  • [Rep Server]
  • [SAP Sybase IQ] if using IQ add the following entry and these items are required CS_CAP_RESPONSE = CS_DATA_NOBIGDATETIME, CS_DATA_NOTIME,CS_DATA_NODATE
  • [backup server]   backup server for ASE
  • [bcp]
  • [isql]
  • [ConnectionServer] webi report from Designer Performance Management(PM) for Business intelligence platform and SAP BusinessObjecsts Business Intelligence Platform
  • [optdiag]

Simple Explanation

Open Client applications check for the ocs.cfg file by default.  The default location is in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/config/ocs.cfg.  When this file is picked up it will look for the application name in brackets.  The sample application above is ANSI_ESQL.  If the application name is found the properties will be set for the application.  This should overwrite the settings coded into the code.

If the application name is not specified by CS_APPNAME, then the default section is used.

However, if CS_APPNAME is used in the application and there is no entry in ocs.cfg file, the application will error and not function.
 isql -Usa -Psybase -Sase
        comn_get_cfg: user api layer: internal common library error: Configuration section isql not found.
        ct_connect(): user api layer: external error: The connection failed because of invalid or missing external configuration data.

To add a default username and password to isql:
CS_USERNAME = username
CS_PASSWORD = password

isql -Sredhead

This will ignore/overwrite the -U and -P options:
 isql -Uwrongusername -Pwrongpassword -Sboxname

Debugging using ocs.cfg

You can use the ocs.cfg file to debug isql or other applications as well.  For isql you can add an entry into ocs.cfg for debugging purposes.

isql --appname “isql_dbg_net


isql debugging

Debugging properties

CS options available for the ocs.cfg options

Option descriptions and default values

Connection string options and default values

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