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SAP IQ as a near-line solution is delivered with the BW system. Integration of SAP IQ makes it possible to separate data that access frequently from data that access rarely, thus making less demand on the resources in the BW system. The near-line data are stored in compressed form and need to be backed up less frequently. You can thus reduce the costs incurred by data that is accessed less frequently.

To ensure consistency between online data and near-line data, the archived time partitions are locked and are read-only. On the online side, the data is made read-only by means of a logical lock on the time slice. The data in the near-line storage can be read directly using BEx queries without having to be reloaded.

The BW System you want to use should have either SAP NetWeaver BW SP07 for 7.31 or higher applied. The SAP IQ must be implemented on a separate physical server. It is not recommended to install the software on an existing server which held already other Database Instances, as SAP IQ leverages the complete CPU/Memory for its own usage. One IQ server can be used for multiple SAP BW-NLS implementations.

To build SAP BW-NLS with IQ, please refer to below SP Notes.

    Note 2780668 - SAP First Guidance - BW NLS Implementation with SAP IQ

    SAP First Guidance - SAP NLS Solution with SAP IQ 16.x

    Blog – Q – the easy Installer for SAP Sybase IQ

Above Note contains following topics and more.

  • Installation of SAP Component & SAP IQ
  • Configuration of SAP Component & SAP IQ
  • Using the SAP-NLS Solution

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