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August 2019

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
28-AugIQ: Is IQ 16 certified to run on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES 12)? You can find more details in KBA2452415:
26-AugIQ: On SAP IQ 16.0 SP11 PL18, there is a known bug that could cause drop connection failure. See how to resolve in KBA2798029:
21-AugIQ: When running a complex query, you might see this error: "Thread stack ran past its allocated stack space". See how to resolve in KBA2793794:
19-AugIQ: IQ may return Message "Column '_indexid' not found" and shuts down when trying to create a database with the collation 1254TRK. See how to resolve in KBA2794024:
14-AugIQ: On IQ16.1 SP2.15 version, an Update query may meet Non-Fatal IQ Internal error. See how to resolve in KBA2793873:
12-AugIQ: When running a query you may get error: "The maximum number of connections have already been opened". See how to resolve in KBA2794871:
07-AugIQ: Backup database command may crashes with s_globalFLrequestexception exception. See how to resolve in KBA2794932:
05-AugIQ: In order to trouble shoot connection issue ODBC trace may be needed. See how to gennerate ODBC trace log in UNIX in KBA2803619:


July 2019

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
24-JulIQ: UPDATE statement may get "Record size too large for database page size" after upgrade to SAP IQ 16.0 SP08 PL27 or later. See how to resolve in KBA2794479:
22-JulIQ: Load performance of wide tables may be 3-4 times slower in 16.1 when compared to 15.4. See how to resolve in KBA2798669:
17-JulIQ:On IQ 16.1, an update query may get Non-Fatal errors 's_llhtable.cxx:1882' & 's_dpNBit.cxx:1542', encounter missing token key llh table during Nbit update. See how to resolve in KBA2799782:
15-JulIQ: On IQ 16.1, 'update/delete' statements within a Stored Procedure may not be captured correctly in a html query plan.You can find more details in KBA2791517:
10-JulIQ: After IQ 16.1 server crashed, IQ may failed to restart during RLV recovery progress. You can find more detals in KBA2781401:
08-JulIQ: While performing BW DAP (Data Archiving Process) to archive data to SAP IQ database, the job failed with the following errors reported in the SM37 log: [IQ Error SQL-131:42000][Sybase IQ]Syntax error near '(end of line)' on line 1. See how to resolve in KBA2785785
03-JulIQ: On IQ 16.1, a DELETE statement may cause a server hang on some NBit FP columns. It could also lead to "Non-Fatal IQ Internal Error Detected" error. See how to resolve in KBA2784962:
01-JulIQ: How to prevent SAP IQ issues from happening in the first place? You can find more details in KBA2470559:


June 2019

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
26-JunIQ: Got "Column '_indexid' not found" when creating a DB with the collation 1254TRK? See how to resolve in KBA2794024:
24-JunIQ: Running a new query fails with error message 'The maximum number of connections have already been opened.'? See how to resolve in KBA2794871:
19-JunIQ: Backup database command crashed with s_globalFLrequestexception exception? See how to resolve in KBA2794932:
17-JunIQ: Query using hash join algorithm returns inconsistent results? See how to resolve in KBA2775543:
12-JunIQ: DBISQL with nogui mode displays a part of the SJIS external character unexpectedly on IBM AIX? See how to resolve in KBA2772687:
10-JunIQ: Load Table using client file with SA jdbc (non-TDS) does not work? See how to resolve in KBA2773160:
05-JunIQ: Is it possible to reclaim free space after deletes in SAP IQ? You can find more details in KBA2779269:
03-JunIQ: What is the command to show IQ data growth? You can find more details in KBA2773774:


May 2019

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
29-MayIQ: SAP Dynamic Tiering result set caching causes transactionally-inconsistent results? See how to resolve in KBA2777465:
22-MayIQ: sp_iqemptyfile hangs or works very slowly. You can find more details in KBA1998491:
20-MayIQ: How to verify if SAP IQ Backup is good or not? You can find more details in KBA2780572:
15-MayIQ: Looking for SAP First Guidance - SAP BW: Implementation SAP-NLS/SDA with SAP IQ 16.x? You can find more details in KBA2780668:
13-MayIQ: ES SSL request verification failed for connection from 11.222.333.46 during "alter table using extended storage". See how to resolve in KBA2757250:
08-MayIQ: HANA replication showing errors for Dynamic Tiering service esserver: "Unable to activate HANA replication from primary to DR site in async mode." See how to resolve in KBA2757684:
06-MayIQ: Insufficient buffers for 'Sort' error occured frequently during running a user procedure. See how to resolve in KBA2762484:
01-MayIQ: IQ 16.1 could abort with stack dfe_MedianAggregate::CalculateEven_numeric. See how to resolve in KBA2764096:


April 2019

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
29-AprIQ: Create database returns 'transaction log file not found' error in BW NLS configuration. See how to resolve in KBA2768717:
24-AprIQ:  Query fails with Non-Fatal IQ Internal Error optlib/opt_JoinNode.cxx:10794? See how to resolve in KBA2771985:
22-AprIQ: Coordinator and a Writer server went hang condition but there is no error in logs? See how to resolve in KBA2769919:
17-AprIQ: Partitioned Multistore table has restriction when any column in the table has 'LONGDATE' & 'TIMESTAMP'' as data type. You can find more details in KBA2670318:
15-AprIQ: How to give users only SELECT permissions in SAP IQ? You can find more details in KBA2671927:
10-AprIQ: How to use keytool to generate a CSR file with SAN details? You can find more details in KBA2682012:
08-AprIQ: Getting intermittent Main Bufman: Incorrect page header read (IPHR) s_corruptdiskblkhdrexception errors? See how to resolve in KBA2679087:
03-AprIQ: Getting intermittent Main Bufman: Incorrect page header read (IPHR) s_corruptdiskblkhdrexception errors? See how to resolve in KBA2679087:
01-AprIQ: When client applications use a large number of threads, connections to SAP Dynamic Tiering could hang. Other operations would become slower and slower. See how to resolve in KBA2677366:


March 2019

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
27-MarIQ: IQ server abort at s_blockmap::DestroyAllMappedPages when the server runs out of temporary buffer pool? See how to resolve in KBA2757743:
25-MarIQ: Query hits non-fatal error at dfe::TypeCheck? See how to resolve in KBA2758985:
20-MarIQ: Dynamic Tiering Updates May Cause Incorrect Query Results. Please find details in NOTE2734966:
18-MarIQ: There is risk of SAP IQ Data Corruption and Incorrect Query Results During an Update in certain SAP IQ versions. Please find details in NOTE2734980:
13-MarIQ: What is '__SQLAnyCli__X_Y' directory under /tmp/.SQLAnywhere ? You can get more details in KBA2735076:
11-MarIQ: A new feature request is raised for LOAD TABLE command to load compressed files using multiple threads/CPUs, thus for load performance improvement. You can get more details in KBA2734878:
06-MarIQ: Sybase IQ multiplex server did not start after running out of space and crashing - how can it be restarted? You can get more details in KBA2734013:
04-MarIQ: How to improve performance when using multistore tables in SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering? You can get more details in KBA2733393:


February 2019

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
27-FebIQ: How to lock and unlock user login for SAP IQ? You can get more details in KBA2554865:
25-FebIQ: How to backup and restore across different endian formats? You can get more details in KBA1984992:
20-FebIQ: Is there a way to use multiple databases in an IQ Server? You can get more details in KBA2549748:
18-FebIQ: What to look for in sp_iqsysmon output? You can get more details in KBA2545229:
13-FebIQ: If you downloaded and installed the IQ16.0 SP11 PL21, IQ16.1 SP02 PL13, or IQ16.1 SP03 PL03 patch releases listed, there's a serious risk of data corruption and incorrect query results during updates. See how to resolve in KBA2734980:
11-FebIQ: How to modify NCHAR collation settings in an IQ database? You can get more details in KBA2725495:
06-FebIQ: When running ALTER TABLE MOVE to a dbspace that has not enough space,SAP IQ may crash on call "SP_OBJECTPERMISSION"() on function AddPerms, See how to resolve in KBA2723707:
04-FebIQ: IQ will not boot after running out of space.  There are no backups, how can IQ be recovered? You can get more details in KBA2734013:


January 2019

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
30-JanIQ: SAP IQ secondary node may abort with 'blockmap userlocked during flush' message from ev_begintxn event session. See how to resolve in KBA2726119:
28-JanIQ: Is SAP IQ 16.x supported on Windows Server 2019? You can get more details in KBA2721940:
23-JanIQ: Which 3rd party tool is certified for IQ backup? You can get more details in KBA2544272:
21-JanIQ: sp_iqcheckdb verify cause IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP full and error s_bufpartition::GetCleanPage is retrying to avert a potential deadlock? See how to resolve in KBA2716055:
16-JanIQ: DBCO connection to IQ results in error [ASE Error SQL30133:HY000][SAP][ASE ODBC Driver]Null ini file or ini file not found in $SYBASE or current directory? See how to resolve in KBA2709566: 
14-JanIQ: sp_iqrebuildindex may crash SAP IQ server in function name hs_dp::ConvertMetadataFrom15x. See how to resolve in KBA2707489:
09-JanIQ: Does Japanese era name change impact SAP IQ? You can get more details in KBA2712724:
07-JanIQ: How to get data from SAP IQ into Microsoft Azure Blob Storage? You can get more details in KBA2711534:
02-JanIQ: After restarting the HANA DB tenant, the esserver hangs on "starting" status? See how to resolve in KBA2717326:


December 2018

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
31-DecIQ: Querying table with data in SAP Dynamic Tiering results in "Search result size limit exceeded" error? See how to resolve in KBA2710136:
26-DecIQ: Rebuilding indexes using sp_iqrebuildindex takes a long time? See how to resolve in KBA2543436:
24-DecIQ: What is the detailed steps for configuring automatic failover using IQ Cockpit? Please read KBA2539493:
19-DecIQ: When corruption messages are logged in .iqmsg file, they (in most cases) don't report an object (table name , index name) for which the error occurred. The function to print corresponding object name with bufman error message in the log is planned to be added in future IQ releases. You can get more details in KBA2694963:
17-DecIQ: Within SAP IQ Cockpit, the Table Locks monitor does not refresh to display current table locks even if "Connections" and "Transactions" appear be refreshing as expected. This will be fixed in future release of IQ. You can get more details in KBA2699848:
12-DecIQ: SAP IQ may abort with "df_Heap::GenerateDFEColumn" when running a query referencing a complex view. Please read KBA2695092 to learn how to get the fix:
10-DecIQ: Repeated LOAD TABLE operations causes increased IQ memory usage. And the memory may not get released. Please read KBA2696171 to learn how to get the fix:
05-DecIQ: Currently stop_iq does not provide an option to shutdown one particular server by server_name or server_pid. This fuction is planned to be added to the future release of IQ. You can get more details in KBA2694899:
03-DecIQ: Interactive SQL can not start due to creation failure of Java Virtual Machine? See how can you resolve by checking KBA2698304:


November 2018

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
28-NovIQ: After applying new IQ patch you could get license checkout errors on SAP IQ server start, please hcek KBA2463175 for the resolution:
26-NovIQ: When inserting into a table with an identity column, if the inserted value is given as a SELECT with a constant string, then @@identity always returns zero (0) regardless of the actual identity value inserted. Please check KBA2520137 for the root cause:
21-NovIQ: Need details about SAP certified platforms for IQ Network Client 16.1 on AIX and Windows 64-bit? Please check KBA2520138:
19-NovIQ: How to disable SAP IQ data compression? Please check KBA2525889 for the answer:
14-NovIQ: SAP HANA DYNAMIC TIERING, select statement with CURRENT_DATE results in "SAP DBTech JDBC: [403]: Internal error: Error opening the cursor for the remote database [SAP][ODBC Driver]Syntax error new...", please check KBA2685889 for the resolution:
12-NovIQ: Why IQ doesn't reset identity column sequence number after TRUNCATE TABLE? Please check KBA2685490 for the reason:
07-NovIQ: How to configure IQ Server to connect to a LDAP Server? Please check KBA2688973 for the detailed steps:
05-NovIQ: sp_iqcheckdb 'check database' detected "Incorrect Variable Page Header" error? Please check KBA2685025 for the root cause:


October 2018

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
31-OctIQ: If Dynamic Tiering service can not be started with error "Failed to find any dbfile", please check KBA2690489 for the resolution:
30-OctIQ: Data Transfer Process (DTP) jobs in BW that are making DataStore Object requests to pull in NLS archived data from SAP IQ  start running considerably slower post upgrading BW to Kernel release 749, Patch Level 500? Please check KBA2698989 to find the cause and the resolution:
25-OctIQ: When executing a simple query, IQ raises Non-Fatal IQ Internal Error with stack trace contains function name like dfo_Join::ValidateLocalInternalConsistency. If you have the same issue, please take a look at KBA2520310:
23-OctIQ: CREATE statement using JAVA is receiving: "getColumnTypeName() returns NULL for numeric columns". If you have the same error, please check KBA2520848 for the resolution:
18-OctIQ: When using LDAP to connect to SAP IQ, if you change the password on the LDAP server, SAP IQ may accept both the old and the new password. Please check KBA2670091 for the resolution:
16-OctIQ: Got "Invalid database server command line" or "Port number invalid or already in use" when starting IQ in command line? Please take a look at KBA2676994:
11-OctIQ: Want default admin user 'dba' back in IQ 16.1? Please take a look at KBA2677218:
09-OctIQ: How to give users only SELECT permissions in SAP IQ? If you have such needs, please take a look at KBA2671927:
04-OctIQ: Can SAP IQ server be started with old binary? For example, if a backup of SAP IQ 16.0 is restored and started with SAP IQ 16.1 binary and later is it possible to start the server with SAP IQ 16.0 and work with it? Plese check KBA2670793 for details:
02-OctIQ: Connections to SAP Dynamic Tiering could hang. Other operations would become slower and slower. This issue has been fixed. Please check KBA2677366 for details:


September 2018

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
27-SepIQ: If IQ crashed but the stack trace file generated is empty, please take a look at KBA2502710:
25-SepIQ: Does Dynamic Tiering 2.0 support Backint backups in an MDC setup? Please check KBA2496996 for details:
20-SepIQ: How to Use FORCE_DROP when technical support has recommended that you use FORCE_DROP to drop an object that can not be dropped any other way? Please check KBA2660767 for details:
18-SepIQ: How to decrypt a database in SAP IQ16.0.X? Please check KBA2666333 for the guide:
13-SepIQ: When connecting to the IQ Cockpit from a web browser, the error "Unable to retrieve systems" is returned.And following error message can be seen in Cockpit agent log "Connection rejected because the maximum number of sessions (1000) is reached." Please check KBA 2662716 for the resolution:
11-SepIQ: On IQ 16.1, IQ server may crash due to memory corruption with conversion error. Please check KBA2661398 to learn more:
06-SepIQ: After applying recent SAP IQ patches you may see new logging infromation like: I. 07/11 14:00:01. 0000000982 TRD t=3580120 v=3580120 c=3580121 gt=0 gc=0 pcv=0 ME=0 MSE=0 TRR=0. If you want to know the meaning of this logging infromation, please check KBA2668512:
04-SepIQ: "Failed to create extended table: Unknown Exception". If you have encountered the error when using HANA Dynamic Tiering, please check KBA2666902 for the resolution:


August 2018

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
30-AugIQ: What should be considered if you need to build a very large IQ environment PetaScale? The following SAP IQ Community Blog is about Guidance for Building a PetaScale SAP IQ Environment, you can reach via the following link:
28-AugIQ: In SAP IQ, index usage is a key factor for performance tunning. The following SAP IQ Community Blog provides you the genneral idea about SAP IQ Indexes and Index Usage, please check further:
23-AugIQ: What are the Top Dos and Don’ts for SAP IQ Implementations? The following SAP IQ Community Blog provides you a very nice view:
21-AugIQ: Should you archive both BW (or BW/4HANA) and ERP (pre-S/4HANA) on the same instance of SAP IQ? Please take a lokk at the following SAP IQ Community Blog:
16-AugIQ: ON IQ 16.1 SP02, PITR restore to different location results in 'unable to open database file ....' error, please check KBA2652342 for the resolution:
14-AugIQ: New product defect has been discovered on IQ 16.1 SP02 PL08, same INSERT that worked before may result in error and stacktrace. For more details, please check KBA2650051:
09-AugIQ: How to backup and restore from Incremental backup with PITR enabled? KBA 2646784 provides you an general idea about that:
07-AugIQ: If you want to know how to estimate the size of a new index on a huge table before it is in production, please take a look at KBA2644847:
02-AugIQ: If you are facing issue that IQ Secondary Server aborted due to Temp space filled up on IQ 16 SP11.x, you may want to check KBA2644271:


July 2018

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
31-JulIQ: Receiving various error messages and server aborts seen after applying IQ 16.1 SP02 PL09? Please check KBA2645838 as soon as possible:
26-JulIQ: In IQ 16.0, the optimizer examines the query conditions' Usefulness and Selectivity in descending order. This could lead to slower performance for some queries on Union All views when the matching rows for a condition are all in one underlying table. If you want to know more about this, please check KBA 2618614:
24-JulIQ: Is IQ 16.1 compatible with SAP Business Objects BI platform 4.1 SP3? Please check KBA 2622379 for details:
19-JulIQ: Does SAP IQ use Spring Framework and MVC in any product modules? If you are worried about the vulnerabilities, please check KBA 2630766 for details:
17-JulIQ: In IQ 16.0 SP11 PL11+, a new bug has detected by which IQ may crash in stcxtlib/st_server.cxx:1926. For more details, please check KBA 2634252:
12-JulIQ: Does SAP IQ support liveCache? KBA 2635276 is able to provide the answer:
10-JulIQ: Main/Temp cache are critical resource for operations in IQ. KBA 2633038 provides you the method about how to monitor Main/Temp cache allocation status:
05-JulIQ: For disaster recovery we always suggest to take backups of IQ database regularly. KBA 2634028 provides you the documentation you need to check about different methods to take IQ database:
03-JulIQ: Interested in how to install 64 bit ODBC driver only without using the installer of SAP IQ 16.x Network Client? Please check KBA 2632330 for more details:


June 2018

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
28-JunIQ: Do you want to know the size of a new index with a very huge table before you create it? Please check KBA2644847 how to estimate the size of a new index:
26-JunIQ: Secondary Server in MPX aborts after Temporary space fills up with stack trace which has "s_blockmap::CreateDontZero". You can solve the error by checking KBA2644271:
21-JunIQ: On execution of sp_iqconnection on coordinator in MPX, sometimes you will see quite a few internal connections that begin with "IQ_MPX_SERVER_P". What are these connections? Please check KBA2642953 for more detail:
19-JunIQ: If you have a table that is range partitioned, how do you add new range partitions? You may get an error -1251 by adding new partition. Learn more in KBA2642088:
14-JunIQ: A query with outer join using aggregation with a sort may randomly bring inconsistent results. Please check KBA2636988 for resolution:
12-JunIQ: Partition Elimination is a technique in which SAP IQ determines that certain partitions of a hash or hash-range partitioned table are not required to complete a query. How do you know if Partition Elimination is occurring? Learn more in KBA2636092:
07-JunIQ: Incorrect result for select distinct Join query when Query plan contains Sort merge. Result contains more rows than expected. See details at KBA2627950:

IQ: Varying error messages and stack traces appear in iqmsg file and server abort happens after applying IQ 16.1 SP02 PL09. Please check for the detail in KBA2645838:


May 2018

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
30-MayIQ: Select distinct query causing Non-Fatal IQ error at vp_GroupedProjection::Prepare. Please check KBA2497589 for details:
23-MayIQ: How to set an encrypted pasword for ODBC connection? Please check KBA2496115 for details:
18-MayIQ: When loading a single compressed file with parallel or a client side file(LOAD TABLE ... USING CLIENT FILE), SAP IQ server crash with the stack trace that contains s_buf_sync_array::FinishSBufByRange while the LOAD TABLE statement runs. Check KBA2617058 to learn more:
16-MayIQ: SAP IQ Server issues warnings when the requisite number of licenses are not available and provides the expiration duration time, up to the maximum of 90 days. Previously, the maximum was 30 days. This behavior has changed with SySAM 2.4 that uses with SAP IQ 16.0 SP11 PL07 and later. For more details, please check KBA2614404:
11-MayIQ: JRE version could be detected as vulnerable by a vulnerability scanner. SAP engineering is working to have a more recent JRE version bundled in the SAP IQ packages. For more details, please check KBA2611345:
09-MayIQ: When your IQ server started with catalog cache setting as '-cl 1024 -ch 2048' without a unit(k,m,g,p), IQ may got to crash. Please check KBA2613721 for the reason:
04-MayIQ: How to find the OFFSET value to use in a Point-In-Time Recovery? Please check KBA2611738 for details:

IQ: IQ server goes to a Deadlock and become unresponsive if hos_ABORT is recursively called by the same thread in pstack. For more details of this bug, please check KBA2607255:

April 2018

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
26-AprIQ: How do you estimate how much physical space a table will take in SAP IQ before you actually load all of the data into that table? Please find methods in KBA2267027:
24-parIQ: After load table, found that rowids of imported data is discontinuous? Please check KBA2210817 for the reason:
19-AprIQ: After extended -iqmc, -iqtc, -iqlm, IQ fails to start? If you are facing such issue, please check KBA2462856:
17-AprIQ: Dow you want to know how to troubleshoot DBISQL connection issue? What traces needs to be collected when you need help from SAP Product Support? Please check KBA2368785:
12-AprIQ: The following SAP Community WIKI page provides you a SQL Statement Script collection which can be used to Monitor MPX IQ. If you are interested, please check:
10-AprIQ: Need a guide on how to repair inconsistent indexes, tables, or columns in IQ database? Please check the following Guided Answer:
5-AprIQ: Slow query performance regression was introduced in the evaluation of equality predicates on FP column indexes. The regression causes predicate evaluation to scan more rows than necessary, but does not affect query result accuracy. The degree of performance drop will vary depending on the type of query, size and structure of the data, and other query selectivity factors. If you need more information on this issue, please check KBA2603480:
3-AprIQ: SAP IQ provides database encryption and column encryption, but they are totally different things. If you are not sure which one fits your environment better, please take a look at KBA2600291:

March 2018

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
29-MarExecuting ListDatabases for sap host control results in 'No databases found' message. Please find solution in KBA2593559:
27-MarKBA2595807 provides you the SAP IQ Migration and Upgrade Guide. This is a document that all IQ DBAs should add to their collection:
22-MarAfter NearLine-Solution(NLS) with IQ was upgraded to 16.1, SAP BW/HANA failed to connect or execution queryto NLS due to "Unable to load '' "error. Please check KBA2593658 for details:
15-MarCurious about how LOAD works in IQ internally? KBA2589639 may provide you some useful information:
13-MarIf you are interested in a Technical Performance Optimization Service (TPO) for SAP IQ, please find more details in the following SAP Community WIKI page:
8-MarIf you are interested in SQL Statement Script collection to Monitor MPX IQ, please take a look at the SAP Community WIKI page:
6-MarAfter upgrading IQ 16 sp11 PL04 to IQ 16 sp11 PL13, IQ Cockpit RSL error 1 of 2 and Error #2034 are fired in Monitor tab while Explore and Alert tabs are working fine? If you had the same issue, please check KBA 2583132:

February 2018

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
27-FebHow do you backup an SAP IQ database with the BACKUP DATABASE command? Please check KBA 2582477 for this very basic but important topic:
22-FebFound a discrepancy between the actual query executed and the Query Text captured in Html Query Plan? Please check KBA 2581962 for the cause:
20-FebINSERT SELECT with CASE expressions runs slow? Check KBA 2583830 to find the cause:
15-FebIf you encountered Bufman: Incorrect page header read s_corruptdiskblkhdrexception errors in a Multiplex environment, please check KBA 2583839 as sonn as possible:
8-FebBy default, there are no column name and headings in the following output to statement. When you want to know how to get the columns headers (names) in IQ output to statement, please check the detail in KBA 2581307:
6-FebThere was neither a service download nor service content for SAP IQ available. EarlyWatch Alert for SAP IQ needs a sufficiently modern SAP system as a host for SAP IQ content (the "managed system"). Learn more in SAP Note 2378876:

Supported Client Operating Systems in SAP IQ 16.1 SP02 Installation and Configuration Guide for Windows should be corrected. Please check for the detail in KBA 2583409:

January 2018

Posted dateBroadcasted Message
30-JanSAP IQ server crashes with the phrases hos_RWLock::UnLock() and s_bufpool::Sweep(). Please refer KBA 2583231 for the resolution:
25-JanAs part of an SAP IQ database analysis, the system should determine information that is available only in a restricted manner using the standard functions. You can find the useful information in KBA 2573884:
23-JanIQ may output a conversion error when using the CAST function in the join condition. Please check for the detail in KBA 2572000:
18-JanExtracted data will not load in ASE table with same schema as IQ table with errors like "The result is truncated because the conversion/operation resulted in overflow." Learn more in KBA 2577234:
16-JanSAP IQ could crash on temp bufman error and strace in s_blockmap::GetPhysicalBlocks. Please check for the detail in KBA 2573162:
11-JanIncorrect coding of the IQ UTILITIES with EXECUTE IMMEDIATE will lead the server crash. Please check KBA 2543763 for more details:
09-JanAfter upgrading IQ to version 16.1 from 15.4, rebuilding indexes using sp_iqrebuildindex may take a long time. How to speed up the indexes rebuild process ? Learn more in KBA 2543436:
04-JanSNMP Warning may be reported to the Windows event log when OS is restarted in the environment where SAP IQ 16.x is installed. Please check more detail in KBA 2543340:
02-JanIs there a way to force IQ to load the data from a flat file the same ordering it is stored into the file ? Learn more in KBA 2552767:

December 2017

Posted dateBroadcasted Message


Execution of a delete statement on a newly upgraded huge sized table results in FP index corruption and subsequent loads and deletes on the table will result in the non-fatal stack trace. See detail at KBA 2551092:

26-DecNobody can login into IQ server during the ALTER DBSPACE execution in your environment ? In such situation, you may find what is happening by checking KBA 2549679:
21-DecAfter migration IQ from version 15.4 to 16.0, you may get data type conversion error. Please learn more details in KBA 2543293:
19-DecYou may want to get "SAP IQ Security Best Practice guide". Then you can find useful documents in the KBA 2551967:
14-DecHow do you change an iqmsg file name of a secondary node in IQ multiplex environment? Please check KBA 2538860 for details:
6-DecRunning an INSERT VALUES statement with multiple rows being inserted at once returns the following error: 'Remote server does not have the ability to support this statement'. Please check KBA 2540337 for details:
5-DecThere are 'Physical Limitations' of many factors in IQ, as well as SQL Anywhere. KBA 2540462 provides you the list:

November 2017

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
30-NovWhen loading IQ table from a compressed gz data file, are part of the rows skipped? If you have this issue, please check details in KBA 2540965:
28-NovDoes SAP IQ use Process Substitution feature of bash in any script files? Please check details in KBA 2541281:
23-NovIn a MPX environment with a coordinator and one or several secondary nodes, if the coordinator is down and cannot be restarted, how do you replace the coordinator with the failover server using the command lines? Please check KBA 2541533 for details:
21-NovIQ Abort with stacktrace and crash from slib/s_bufpool.cxx:716. Please check details in KBA 254187:
16-NovDML (Insert,Delete,Update and Load) operations on SAP IQ tables can cause index fragmentation and row fragmentation. The data fragmentation reduce the capacity and performance in SAP IQ. This SAP Community WIKI page explains the differences between the index and row fragmentation.
14-NovLicense error reported in iqmsg on IQ startup: “Insufficient IQ_CORE CPU licenses”, and IQ failed to start. Please check KBA 1859796 for the resolution.

IQ server crashed when executed NLS (Near Line Storage) job. The stacktrace shows IQ was aborted on function s_buf_sync_array::FinishSBufByRange. If you have the same symptom, please check KBA 2443936 for the resolution.

7-NovHow do you download SAP IQ binaries, support packages and patches? Please check KBA 2201721 for the details.
2-NovWhen is the end of life support date for SAP IQ15.x / IQ 16.0? Please check KBA 2198121 for the details.

October 2017

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31-OctUtility Database is a key factor in SAP IQ. Do you want to know how to use it? Please take a look at KBA 1992512.
26-OctDBCO connection to SAP IQ results in error: " cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". For the resolution, please check KBA 2403473.
24-OctWhen starting SAP IQ cockpit using, Cockpit does not start and shuts down immediately? Check out KBA 2268272 for the resolution.
19-OctSAP IQ server starts with a configration parameters usually written in cfg file. Some of them are dynamic. This SAP Community WIKI page explores those parameters and explains how to dynamically change them:
17-Octinsert .. location '' { select .. } job in IQ fails with error "The maximum number of connections have already been opened". Please check KBA 2146700 for the solution:
12-OctWhat is the password for uafadmin and sccadmin user which will be needed when registering the SAP IQ Cockpit agent? Please check KBA 2044940 for the answer:
10-OctRestore of an IQ database from a backup failed with Msg 13720? KBA 1910965 may help you:
5-OctDoes IQ 16.1 have a 32 bit ODBC driver? KBA 2512276 provides the answer:
3-OctIQ server failed to start with message "Resource temporarily unavailable". Please check KBA 2476936 for the solution:

September 2017

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28-SepAfter IQ was upgraded from IQ SP 08 PL08 to IQ SP10 PL06, are you unable to login from cockpit? If you have this, please take a look at KBA 2255024:
26-SepIf you want to learn what are the available TLS cipher suites on SAP IQ 16, KBA 2493559 provides the answer:
21-SepNLS parameters were updated. DAP execution after the change was done is failing with the error "general error in BW archiving". Please check KBA 2307267 for the solution:
19-SepIf you attempt to checkout 'disallowed'/'unauthorized' optional license feature but it fails with message: "Authorization required to attempt checkout IQ_LOB license [-1006276] ['QBC76']", KBA 2047526 may help you:
14-SepAre you interested in how to implement SAP-NLS Solution with SAP IQ? Check this document and it should provide you a better view:
12-SepSelect distinct command may causes Non-Fatal IQ error at vp_GroupedProjection::Prepare. This will be fixed. Check KBA 2497589 to learn more details:
7-SepCheck KBA 2356872 to learn the steps to restore a secondary node in IQ multiplex after it is excluded:
5-SepIs SAP IQ 16.x supported on Windows Server 2016? Check KBA 2426413 to learn more:

August 2017

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31-AugHow do you requisite IQ licenses for SAP-NLS solution (SAP BW with SAP IQ Nearline-Storage)? Check KBA 2372218 and learn more:
29-AugIn SAP IQ 16 on Unix based platforms, in-use DBFILE starts reporting hos_bioexception and I/O error with disk full message. Check KBA 2353260 for the resolution:
24-AugCheck KBA 2473828 to get the list of port vulnerability of SAP Control Center (SCC).
22-AugDo you receive MSVCR100.dll missing error when installing IQ 16.0 SP8 on Windows? Check KBA 2281835 for the resolution:
17-AugHow do you access/install DBA Cockpit with SAP IQ? Check KBA 2117528 and learn more:
15-AugWant to know where you can find user assistance for the product SAP IQ which helps you to install and update, configure and operate your installation? The following KBA 2493795 will guide you:
10-AugIn order to increase the SAP-NLS Performance, take a look at this check list:
8-AugComplex Tableau query may put IQ server in hang state. Log in via S-user and learn more in KBA 2421401:
3-AugOn SAP IQ 16.0 SP10 PL03 HP-UX environment, a secondary writer node crashed after a series of Internal Error "slib/s_blockmap.cxx:5547" and sp_iqcheckdb reports no error detected. Log in via S-user and learn more about the error in KBA 2248967:
1-AugIQ Temporary Buffer Cache is a critical resource in an SAP IQ server. How do you detect excessive IQ Temporary Store Cache activity before the IQ server slows down or stops responding? Log in via S-user and learn more in KBA 2118482:

July 2017

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27-JulIQ raises the following messages: 'Internal state violation. Please contact Sybase IQ support. (slib/s_blockmap.cxx 3182) SQLCODE=-1001012, ODBC 3 State="HY000'. sp_iqcheckdb fails with the following message: 'main Bufman: Blockmap info error'. Log in via S-user and learn more about the error in KBA 2055709:
25-JulSAP IQ 16.1 SP 01 on Red Hat 7.x linux may result in the following error during server start up: '/lib64/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20' not found'. Log in via S-user and learn more in KBA 2472280:
20-JulA secondary server crashed while executing 'load table' command with error: 'main Bufman: Incorrect page header read'. Before the secondary server aborted, there were many non-fatal errors related to 'main Bufman' in different sessions such as: 'main Bufman: Decompression error during Read'. The DBCC against the target table of being loaded reports is 'FP Lookup Table Inconsistencies: 1'. Log in via S-user and learn more in KBA 2451940:
18-JulTable Load job fails and error messages similar to the following are seen in the Sybase iqmsg log: 'Insufficient buffers for 'Sort''. Log in via S-user and learn how to resolve in KBA 2003554:
13-JulIQ 16.1 SP01 on Linux RH 6.9 server failed to start with error: '/lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by dbspawn)'.Log in via S-user and learn about the reason in KBA 2468590:
11-JulCertain conditions of failure where partial rollbacks of global transactions occur, could lead to object corruption in SAP IQ. The error you can observe is 'main Bufman: Incorrect page header read'. Log in via S-user and learn more in KBA 2449423:
6-JulHow do you export data from SAP HANA into SAP IQ? Here is the introduction in the SAP Community WIKI. (No need to log in with S-user)
5-JulSAP IQ server runs normally, however, dbisql CONNECT shows some errors in the ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) server:ERROR occured : os::create_event: semget failed (key=5342600) (28: No space left on device) Could not create the Java virtual machine. Log in via S-user and learn more.
4-JulHow do you generate a CSR for a third party trusted CA (VeriSign)? Log in via S-user and learn more.

June 2017

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27-JunCan SAP IQ run in a cloud environment (Virtualized/private cloud environment or Public Cloud Environment)? Log in via S-user and get more information.
22-JunHow do you avoid running out of IQ System Temporary Store space: IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP? Log in via S-user and learn more.
20-JunHow do you repair inconsistent indexes, tables, or columns in SAP IQ database? Log in via S-user and learn more.
15-JunDuring periods of peak data load workloads, the following error occurs frequently: Insufficient buffers for 'Sort'. Subsequently, the IQ server must be rebooted to resolve this error condition. Log in via S-user and learn more.
13-JunThis KBA provides you an idea about what diagnostics you should check when encountering SAP IQ issues. We suggest to collect diagnostics based on your symptom before contacting SAP Product Support.
8-JunOn Linux x64 environment, SAP IQ requires libaio package to be installed, otherwise IQ server will not be able to start correctly. SAP IQ documentation has been updated accordingly.