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Topics related with PB specific error messages:


SAP KBA: 1935987 - PowerBuilder 12 - Error C0001: Illegal data type: soapconnection.

SAP KBA: 1902023 - PowerBuilder: "PowerBuilder Runtime Packager" compiling MSI for PowerBuilder .NET runtime get an error

SAP KBA: 1924917 - Powerbuilder Runtime Packager Error

SAP KBA: 1949518 - PowerBuilder 12.5.2 debugger list error messages when the application compiles and runs successfully

SAP KBA: 1949587 - Initialization file is not writable error when starting PowerBuilder

SAP KBA: 1946414 - PowerBuilder calling a db2 stored procedure results in a sqlstate=38503 SQL1131N error

SAP KBA: 1953686 - Getting a SQLSTATE=21000 error when running SQL using the OLEDB database driver

SAP KBA: 1999008 - PowerBuilder Sysam Error - Cannot find valid license

SAP KBA: 2021225 - PowerBuilder 12.5: Calling SoapConnection results in bad runtime function reference

SAP KBA: 2142727 - SAP PowerBuilder: "Error writing to file: Sybase.PowerBuilder.DataSource.Db.dll. Verify that you have access to that directory"






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