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Topics related with installations, configurations and migration/upgrade:


SAP KBA: 1873078 - PowerBuilder 12.5.2 - Installing EBF results in error - setup has detected that version 12.05.002 of PowerBuilder is already installed.

SAP KBA: 1902971 - PowerBuilder xor FUNCky migration issue from PB v9 to any version at or above v11.5

SAP KBA: 1917986 - Opening datawindow on a 32-bit machine causing PowerBuilder to crash

SAP KBA: 1921056 - PowerBuilder - Running .MSI results in pbjvm125.dll failed to register

SAP KBA: 1992803 - User cannot install PowerBuilder Runtime dlls using the .MSI file

SAP KBA: 2060543 - PowerBuilder 12.6 Runtime Packager Issues Without PB .NET Installed

SAP KBA: 2046279 - WPFToolkit dependency error when inheriting System.ServiceModel into PB.NET

SAP KBA: 2133433 - SAP PowerBuilder: Compilation fails using a PowerBuilder Resource file (PBR)

SAP KBA: 2133686 - Migration of PowerBuilder applications to 12.6 may crash when involving older pbejbclient12x.pbd EJB client module

SAP KBA: 2138575 - SAP PowerBuilder .NET: unwanted PBTrace.log file generated at runtime when a user object inherited from a .NET assembly is called

SAP KBA: 2138786 - PowerBuilder SQL Server Text DataType Issue with the SNC driver

SAP KBA: 2154044 - PowerBuilder .NET 12.6 - Cannot open PowerBuilder .NET

SAP KBA: 2155081 - Pbdwr12x.dll missing from installation - SAP PowerBuilder 12.x

SAP KBA: 2173527 - PowerBuilder 12.6 - Print Range selection is disabled









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