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Topics related with PowerBuilder specific issues:


SAP KBA: 1870151 - PowerBuilder IDE Crashes on Startup

SAP KBA: 1903050 - PowerBuilder: Customizing IDE toolbars deletes icons PB 12.5.2

SAP KBA: 1907577 - PowerBuilder crashes when opening a global function or a Data Window

SAP KBA: 1946370 - PowerBuilder crashing when opening workspace on startup

SAP KBA: 1946867 - PowerBuilder - EJB deployment error when using Java 7

SAP KBA: 1949448 - PowerBuilder RichText Control WordWrap property is not working

SAP KBA: 1952329 - PrintOpen returning -1 in PowerBuilder 12.5.1

SAP KBA: 1991410 - PowerBuilder crashes when you call SaveAsAscii() or SaveAs() on a DataWindow with a large number of objects/controls

SAP KBA: 2007245 - Context-senstive help for user_defined functions is not working

SAP KBA: 2029713 - Memory Leak calling stored procedure as RPCFUNC through OLEDB

SAP KBA: 2060375 - SAP PowerBuilder: Wrong result returned by Datawindow methods GetItemNumber() or GetItemDecimal() on a dynamic computed field

SAP KBA: 2099730 - SAP PowerBuilder : Crash when using large String or Blob

SAP KBA: 2133433 - SAP PowerBuilder: Compilation fails using a PowerBuilder Resource file (PBR)






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