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Topics related with PowerBuilder with other tools, or different databases:


SAP KBA: 1906370 - PowerBuilder/InfoMaker 12.5 - Database role security is not working with the ASE or SYC driver

SAP KBA: 2005583 - PowerBuilder IDE cannot detect the user DLL from current folder after connecting to Oracle Database

SAP KBA: 2015889 - SAP PowerBuilder: 'Could not connect to PowerBuilder remote debugging component in EAServer. Please make sure it is installed correctly';

SAP KBA: 2103130 - SAP PowerBuilder: 'Invalid class type' error when creating an OOM using the PowerDesigner plugin

SAP KBA: 2132569 - CR779677 - PowerBuilder crashes when connecting to a OData connection

SAP KBA: 2133975 - SAP PowerBuilder .NET: ASE Remote Procedure Call return value is always 0

SAP KBA: 2137473 - SAP PowerBuilder: Fail to instantiate an OLE object using ConnectToNewObject method

SAP KBA: 2146096 - Using OrcaScript generates the pbds differently than using the PowerBuilder IDE

SAP KBA: 2155627 - PowerBuilder - Unable to connect to DBMS--error message of DBMS ASE is not supported in your current installation

SAP KBA: 2157001 - DBMS not supported error when trying to connect to Oracle in PowerBuilder 12.6






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