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Topics related PowerBuilder WebServices:


SAP KBA: 1895877 - .NET Web Services: Client found response content type of 'text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1; but expected 'text/xml'

SAP KBA: 1904079 - PowerBuilder - Error trying to consume WSE webservice

SAP KBA: 1940187 - Error When Calling A .NET Web Service From A PowerBuilder Component Deployed to EAServer 6.x

SAP KBA: 1951676 - Trying to save a PDF from WCF service target returning -1

SAP KBA: 1958295 - SoapException functions getDetailMessage(), getFaultCode() and getFaultString() return empty strings

SAP KBA: 2059900 - PowerBuilder: WSDL file is invalid error message when creating a web service proxy object

SAP KBA: 2112284 - PB Classic: How to deploy .Net Web Service

SAP KBA: 2144004 - PowerBuilder: "Internal Error" creating a web service proxy on a network drive

SAP KBA: 2147223 - SAP PowerBuilder : Webservice proxy generation with structures and methods having same name and different letter case

SAP KBA: 2176572 - SAP PowerBuilder WebService proxy generation on Windows 8.1 returns error; 'Windows SDK for .NET Framework 4.0 or higher was not installed';






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