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  1. Former Member

    SAP Power Designer 16.5 SP05 PL02 (64-bit) Version (4734) I am trying to import a model using Excel. I am getting the following error:  "Object creation can only be done through composition collections (0x80020009) at line 4722, character 4". After I select ok I am prompted if I want to fix the script. I select yes, then the Extension Properties Dialogue box opens with the Method Script tab selected. Below is the script contained with in. I never get prompted by the Wizard to select the excel file to use for model creation. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

    Sub %Method%(obj)

           ' Create new object    Dim import

           set import = obj.ExtendedObjects.CreateNew()   

             if not import is nothing then      

             import.Stereotype = "ExcelImport"                

           ' Launch import      

           import.ExecuteCustomMethod "%CurrentTargetCode%.Import"            

          ' Detect error      

           If import.GetExtendedAttribute( "%CurrentTargetCode%.DataSourcePersist") = "" then         


           End If       set import = nothing   

           End If   

    End Sub