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  1. Open PowerDesigner and go to menu Repository > Repository Definitions…
  2. Add a new repository definition
  3. Click apply and then click on 'Properties'
  4. It will open a windows with this new definition, and to create a JDBC connection you need to click on 'Select a Data source' icon:
  5. In this new window choose the option "Connection profile":
  6. Click on 'Configure'
  7. Then click on icon 'Add Data Source'
  8. Add a connection profile name
  9. Connection tye: JDBC
  10. Change the DBMS type:  to the one that you will use (in this example db2)
  11. Add a username (the one that you use to connect to DB2 instance)
  12. Choose the JDBC class and JDBC connection URL. It should look something like this:
  13. On the JDBC connection URL you need to add the host and the database name:    jdbc:db2://<servername>:50000/<dbname>
  14. Click on test connection.

Additional things to check:

  • You need to download the JDBC driver for the database that you will be using.
  • Configure the JAVA_HOME environment variable pointing to your java path
  • Add to your CLASSPATH environment variable the directory pointing to your .jar file

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