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Check In process can take minutes depending of the size of the models but here are some things that you can try to improve performance:

  • Rebuild clustered indexes: Connect as an administrator, select Repository > Administration > Rebuild Clustered Indexes
  • Recycle the proxy server weekly.
  • Increase the cache size from proxy tool for optimum proxy performance:
    • The default size is 300M.
    • If the repository is between 5G and 20G, set to 1024M
    • If the repository is between 21G to 60G,  set to 2048M
    • If the repository is over 61G, set to the max the system allows
  • Clean the Cache from PD: select Tools > General Options > Repository and click Clear Cache.
  • If the DBMS is Microsoft SQL Server: it is recommended to use: the SQL Server Native Client driver Microsoft
  • To optimize Repository Reads, you need to have the following options enabled (for SQL Server only):
  • For Oracle (11g or 12c) there is a configuration parameter for performance:  alter system set optimizer_features_enable=’10.1.0’;

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