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Topics related to PowerDesigner license:


  • KBA: 1610190 - How to create a system ID for SYBASE installation, submit customer messages, download Sybase software
  • KBA: 1686864 - Licence key for Sybase products


  • KBA: 1865244 - SYB: Obtaining a Floating License for Sybase PowerDesigner Using Static Ports
  • KBA: 1868503 - License files with special characters become invalid after installed with the license server SYSAM - PowerDesigner
  • KBA: 1871687 - Cannot connect to the license server. Licensing error -15,570 - PowerDesigner
  • KBA: 1884810 - Cannot connect to license server system - PowerDesigner


  • KBA: 1918687 - Is it POSSIBLE to run a SySAM license server on the same host where PowerDesigner is running with a Floating License?
  • KBA: 1935911 - PowerDesigner: Problem Starting SySAM License Server
  • KBA: 1966565 - After applying PowerDesigner or PowerAMC 16.5 SP03, the menus for SAP Platform features are missing
  • KBA: 1976359 - Generate a Standalone Seat Floating license (FL) for PowerDesigner


  • KBA: 2030002 - PowerDesigner SE: Cannot take a license for feature PD_SHELL
  • KBA: 2056554 - SAP PowerDesigner: Error "License file does not support such a recent version" with upgraded licenses
  • KBA: 2087166 - PowerDesigner 16.5 SP04: License is invalid or unable to obtain a license using a license server


  • KBA: 2106465 - PowerDesigner 16.5: Unable to use powerDesigner 5 licenses.
  • KBA: 2148853 - PowerAMC/ PowerDesigner: Setting Up License Servers to Run as a Service on Linux OS
  • KBA: 2123232 - FLEXnet Licensing error:-97,121 in Served Floating License when starting PowerDesigner


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