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Topics related with PowerDesigner Repository

  • KBA: 1877837 - SAP PowerDesigner: Unable to connect to the repository from Viewer
  • KBA: 1898313 - SAP PowerDesigner: How to unblock repository ADMIN user


  • KBA: 1919903 - PowerDesigner: How to export list of Repository folders to Excel
  • KBA: 1928037 - Lost characters in Repository after checking in a Model - PowerDesigner
  • KBA: 1950083 - PowerDesigner Repository Proxy - ODBC data source list is empty in the Proxy Configuration window
  • KBA: 1955955 - Support to save repository connection passwords locally - PowerDesigner
  • KBA: 1998238 - SAP PowerDesigner/Repository: Finding objects returns wrong result if mixing 32-bit client and 64-bit proxy
  • KBA: 1973302 - SP03 Proxy error: A command sent to the repository proxy failed - PowerDesigner
  • KBA: 1999030 - [SAP PD] How to check out an older version of a Project
  • KBA: 1999356 - SAP PowerDesigner Proxy/Library Synchronization: repository document is dimmed although not up to date


  • KBA: 2022667 - SAP PowerDesigner: Error "Check in of the document has been cancelled" if using the local cache
  • KBA: 2045887 - Repository sql query for list of activities returns internal values for the Activty Type column
  • KBA: 2046876 - Generating a new model from a model checked out from the repository does not sever links to the repository model
  • KBA: 2046199 - SAP PowerDesigner: setup of Repository Proxy 16.5 SP03 PL03 setup says (4371)
  • KBA: 2078615 - SAP PowerDesigner/enhance email notifications to identify the repository it concerns
  • KBA: 2084254 - Troubleshooting repository Check In: How to enable internal checks via Check Model


  • KBA: 2100648 - The connection failed when PD try to connect to ASE because of the repository has not been installed this database
  • KBA: 2101252 - SAP PowerDesigner/deactivated user should not be able to create change lists
  • KBA: 2105623 - SAP PowerDesigner: Enhancement to modify login message for deactivated users
  • KBA: 2126482 - In the PowerDesigner Libraries directory, what are the strange Repository Library folder names?
  • KBA: 2132624 - How to change the Repository ID for a restored Repository Database?
  • KBA: 2134838 - PowerDesigner: Add a new repository Privilege to only change Permission
  • KBA: 2141354 - Information discordance between local model and repository
  • KBA: 2141754 - Repository Importing process fails at PMLBIN table - SAP PowerDesigner
  • KBA: 2151988 - NFR: Direct model cooperation between PowerDesigner Repository and Solution Manager
  • KBA: 2156339 - SAP Powerdesigner - Repository connection via Powerdesigner viewer is failed.
  • KBA: 2156284 - SAP PowerDesigner/Link to extended collection not visible in Repository Object Browser





  1. Looks promising!

    However, none of the articles can be accessed.

    For example, clicking article 1919903 takes the viewer to

    All the pages I have tried to access in the domain return "This page cannot be displayed."

    Is that domain accessible outside your intranet?



    1. Hi Dan Allison,

      I have the same problem. However, I finded a "solution", go to the :

      And look for the incident number (ex: 1950083) in the "knowledge base" category.

      You will have access to the information.
  2. Still a no-go.

    "Your user does not have access to the SAP ONE Support Launchpad."