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 PowerDesigner in SAP SCN

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  1. Former Member


    Thank you for these various web links.

    For your information "SAP Help PowerDesigner" go to "SAP Portal"

    "SAP Help Portal" go to "SAP Portal" also - - specificaly to SAP Business Warehouse....

    I doesn't understand...

    Thank you

    Benoit L.

    1. Hi Benoit,

      Sorry the link was wrong, I have changed it.

      Thanks a lot for your comments!.

      Best Regards,


  2. Former Member


    Hi Jessica,

    I wish to thank you also for those links.

    This is really relevant for someone like me who starts with Powerdesigner and had to spend time finding the information on those SAP web site.

    This will surely help other in the same situation and others.
    Thank again
    1. Hi Bernard,

      I know that it is a little difficult to find the PD information in SAP site, that's why I thought that it would be a good idea to have all the links for the information to access more easily.

      Thanks for your comments!!,

      Best Regards,