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To use a served license when there are no ports available, you can edit the license file to specify a fixed port number.

SySAM license has two ports that uses to communicate between PowerDesigner and the license server:

  • license demon port
  • vendor demon port


  1. Shut down PowerDesigner
  2. Shut down the license server
    Note: Back up the license file before you make any changes.
  3. Obtain a port number for lmgrd daemon and for SYBASE daemon.
  4. Use a text editor to open the license file, and locate the VENDOR SYBASE line, near the top of the file.
  5. At the end of that line, type PORT= followed by the port number you obtained. Fix the ports by specifying their port numbers in the license files on the SySAM license server. 
    For example, to force lmgrd to listen on port 27001 and the SYBASE vendor daemon to listen on port 27011, the license file header should have:

    SERVER keyserver hostid 27001

    You must leave a space between "SYBASE" and "PORT."
  6. Save and close the license file.

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