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We would like to inform you Data Management channel is closing due to low activity.
Please continue to follow us on Twitter at for Data Management updates.  You can continue to follow Data Management updates by following these hashtags:

September 2019 

Posted Date Broadcasted Message 
25-SepSetuphadr fails on companion node with message 'Define a logical host with hostname and port for both ASE and Replication Server'.
Please check KBA2824863 for the   solution:
23-SepSAP Replication Agent for Oracle (RAO) is not truncating archive logs. Archive logs managed by Oracle ASM are not being removed. Please learn more in KBA2815830:
18-SepWhen you configure a Replication System from ASE to IQ with Real-Time Loading (RTL), Bulk Insert may fail due to the error 'Requested server name not found'.
You can find a resolution in KBA2824509:
16-SepError 9219 and 9204 may be printed in ASE error log when running reorg rebuild with online. You can find the cause of these errors and resolution in KBA2823970:
11-SepUnder table replication system, the distributor (DIST) thread may go down with Error 32058. Please check KBA2819632 how to recovery the error:
9-SepYou may need to downgrade SAP Replication Server to previous version. In such situation, downgrading of user database is required ?
Please check more detail in KBA2813025:
4-SepIf you want to know how to set the maximum run time for a job by using Replication Server Data Assurance, you can find the method in KBA2815830:
2-SepOn High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) system, Replication may not proceed after materialization. Please check and find a resolution in KBA2813869:

 August 2019

Posted Date Broadcasted Message 
28-AugWhen installing and upgrading HADR with SAP Business Suite on SAP ASE, you may need to follow instructions from your application vendors over the general guidelines in the HADR Users Guide. This blog provides very helpful information:
26-AugAfter installing SAP Replication Server 16 on Windows 2016, the SRS Windows Service fails to start the server. Please learn more in KBA2817997:
21-AugRollbacked transaction may report error #2601 in Warm Standby environment unexpectedly. In such situation, you can solve the issue by checking KBA2811115:
19-AugDo you know how to remove High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) system before reinstall? If you want to know the method, please check KBA2811901:
14-AugHADR RepAgent CI error causes ASE to crash with infected with signal 11 in functions os_get_prev_stk_desc and nthrd_backtrace. You can find solution and workaround in KBA2808873:
12-AugYou will be able to activate subscription in the replication system from SAP ASE to Microsoft SQL Server by following KBA2794353:
7-AugIf you encounter the phenomenon that the memory for Replication Server is not being released on IBM AIX, please check KBA2794921:
5-AugDo you want to know whether ASE Always-On Option (HADR) supports Kerberos or not? KBA2793146 will provide you a support status:

July 2019

Posted Date Broadcasted Message 
24-JulSAP Replication Server (SRS) error log may report the error #5095 on DSI when connecting to SAP IQ. Please check for the resolution in KBA2803059:
22-JulThere is a huge accumulation in the queue for the connection, and issued drop connection command but it failed. How to clear the queue ?
Please learn more in KBA2802286:
17-JulReplication between different endian systems does not seem to replicate text/image columns correctly. Why ? You can find a solution for such issue in KBA2801711:
15-JulYou may want to know how to replicate non-encrypted data to an ASE database containing an encrypted column. KBA2801225 will provide you an useful method.
10-JulUnder table replication environment, a column is set as numeric in primary but it is identity in replicate. Is there a way to replicate the column ?
You can find a solution in KBA2798811:
8-JulSeveral tables in a primary database are replicating to multiple replicate databases. One table marked for replication with "owner_off" is successfully replicating to multiple replicate databases excepts for two. Please check KBA2783906 for more detail:
3-JulYou implemented or you are implementing HADR with SAP Replication Server in your Business Suite for ASE 16 environment. You need to troubleshoot a HADR problem. Learn more in KBA2783547:
1-JulWhen you perform unplanned failover in a NetWeaver JAVA only system, you may find 'The DR Agent cannot connect to the Replication Server on the PRIM host due to a   login error.' in RMA log. Please learn more in KBA2791542:

June 2019

Posted Date Broadcasted Message 
26-JunYou may find some indexes with named 'repl_xxxx', when you run dbcc checktable in the table and the utility asked to run 'dbcc reindex' to drop the indexes. Please check for the resolution in KBA2790184:
24-Junadmin config command shows unexpected default values of the following configuration parameters. The default values of these parameters are expected to be equal to the   config values just after installation. Please learn more in KBA2610701:
19-JunIn the SAP Replication Server (SRS) error log the ERROR #5022 may be reported after loss of partition files. Learn more in KBA2784391:
17-JunUsing SAP Replication Server (SRS), replication to the target Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) database has stopped or hangs, there is no error message in the SRS or ASE log. See details in KBA2784286:
12-JunThis blog explains you a new Data Assurance (DA) feature that allows you to materialize (aka bulk data copy) a table without the overhead of first sorting and comparing the source data:
10-JunYou may get the error Message 7756 -- 'Cannot use 'SET IDENTITY_INSERT' for table 'dbo.test1' because the table does not have the identity property.' when a table which has IDENTITY column is replicated. Please learn more in KBA2477889:
5-JunSometimes you may see the message 'Replication Agent version (760) for 'PDB.PDS' does not match the default LTI version for this Replication Server 791 using version 760.' in error log. Learn more in KBA2774334:
3-JunTo replicate SQL statements in an MSA environment, adding a new table with the replicate SQLDML clause by alter database replication definition command may not take effect. Please learn more in KBA2774943:

May 2019

Posted Date Broadcasted Message 
29-MayDo you want to know how to download the latest SRS Data Assurance ? If yes, please check KBA2771575:
22-MayCan we set user-defined memory utilization thresholds to proactively produce WARNINGs without stopping any threads in Replication Server? Yes, you can!
Please check KBA2755241:
20-MayTable replication co-exists with Warm Standby (WSB) and Multi-Site Availability (MSA). WSB is the primary replicating to 3rd & 4th MSA targets: database level MSA and table level. Replication works fine on table replication, but nothing go to Standby or MSA. Please learn more in KBA2779613:
15-MayWhen you perform 'resume connection' with 'skip transaction' or 'sysadmin log_first_tran', replication transaction is written in exception log.
KBA2779037 explains you how to check the exception log and how to remove these logs:
13-MayIn MSA (Multi-Site availability) replication setup which replicates all tables, you may want to remove all the tables owned by a specific user from the replication. In such situation, you can find the solution in KBA2778412:
8-MayWhen you run 'alter database replication definition' to add or remove tables, the status of the alter command will always show 'Altering'.
Please check in KBA2777274 to know the cause of this phenomenon:
6-MayYou can tune and configure the HADR components by using the Replication Management Agent (RMA) command sap_tune_rs. Does issuing the sap_tune_rs command cause SRS to shutdown and restart? Please learn more in KBA2755226:
1-MayDo you know how to change the sapadm password in High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) ? You can find the method in KBA2756877:

April 2019

Posted Date Broadcasted Message 
29-AprWhen memory_control is set to smart, memory usage may grow beyond memory_limit. If you get such situation, please check KBA2755241 to solve the issue:
24-AprWhen you use embedded RSSD, the creating route process may hang and no any route subscriptions being created. Please check the resolution in KBA2766472:

Can we change the character set and sort order for existing Replication Server ? Yes, you can ! You should check KBA2765193 how to do it:

17-AprWhen setting up HADR using response file, the database name you want to replicate has different name with , creating HADR will fail. Why ?
You can find the explanation and resolution in KBA2764095:
15-AprData Assurance (DA) job may fail with the error java.lang.NumberFormatException. You can find helpful information in KBA2763446:
10-AprIf you want to check note for a disaster recovery solution using SAP ASE, the SAP Replication Server and the Disaster Recovery Agent Management utility, first please check SAP Note1891560:
8-AprReplication Server hang when the memory control is set to smart and parallel_dist is set to 'off' with WARNING: Module 'DIST' run into vertical memory control due to memory usage above threshold(5 percent). Please check KBA2761159 for the resolution:
3-AprDo you want to know how to upgrade Rep Agent if Oracle is upgraded to 12.1 and the Oracle Home path changes ? If yes, you can find the method in KBA2760440:
1-AprThe Data Server Interface (DSI) thread may disconnect with the message 'Error: 16240, State: 0, Severity: 10, -- Net-Library routine failed in srv__io_check Network error: status = 32'. Learn more in KBA2752878:

March 2019

Posted Date Broadcasted Message 
27-MarIf ocs.cfg file is created for some reasons, you will see 'kernel (CI-Info) Message: 1001' in primary SRS error log. You can find the meanings of the message and how to suppress it in KBA2745045:
25-MarYou are configuring HADR, then may get an error "The logical hostname 'Site2' is not valid.". You can find the useful solution in KBA2754218:
20-MarUnder ASE-to-IQ replication system, you may get an error 'SQL Anywhere Error -1000295: Invalid table name specified for option 'identity_insert'.
Please learn more in KBA2751792:
18-MarDo you want to know how to find the version of the Hana ODBC driver being used in the SAP Replication Server (SRS) to replicate to Hana ?
Please refer the KBA2749462 how to check the ODBC version:
13-MarWhen you get 'Command  failed - Could not connect to because Cannot connect to PDB' under replication between MSSQL and ASE, you should check KBA2748808 for   finding the resolution:
11-MarIf you get FATAL ERROR #1030 GLOBAL RS(GLOBAL RS) Open Server error: Error: 16029, State: 0, Severity 20 -- 'Failed to start any network listeners', you can find the solution in KBA2747809:
6-MarWhen you configure replication from Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) to SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), you may get Message: 156, State 2, Severity 15 -- 'Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'where'. Please check KBA2735887 for the resolution:
4-MarUnder table replication environment, you may get an error 33816868 -- 'cs_convert: cslib user api layer: common library error: The result is truncated because the conversion/operation resulted in overflow.'. KBA2733560 will help you to solve this issue:

February 2019

Posted Date Broadcasted Message 
27-FebReplication for ASE Table with Image Column to IQ table causes stopping DSI due to Message 'SQL Anywhere Error -131: Syntax error near nnnnnnn on line 1'.
You can find the resolution in KBA2632213:
25-FebIf you want to store historical data to SAP IQ from several databases via SAP Replication Server, you can use Real Time Loading (RTL).
Please check more detail in this blog:
20-FebReplication between Sybase SQL Anywhere (ASA) and ASE is not moving. ASA LTM is running normally but nothing is replicated to the RS inbound queue.
Please check the resolution in KBA2739088:
18-FebHow to change RepConnector administrator login ? By default, the administrator setting is repraadmin. Learn more in KBA2736380:
13-FebERSSD RepAgent (dbltm) does not start with error "Cannot use RS_Maintenance_user as the LTM's RS_user". You can find the useful solution in KBA2736118:
11-FebThe message 'A mini-abort record was encountered in a large transaction that is currently being read' is seen in the repserver log.
You can find the meanings of the message in KBA2736011:
6-FebYou may need to replicate data from SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) to SAP IQ. Please refer how to replicate from ASE to IQ in KBA2090790:
4-FebHADR Materialization process may be suspended due to 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded'.
In such situation, you can find the solution in KBA2724345:

 January 2019

Posted Date Broadcasted Message 
30-JanIf a participated ASE server in replication system is configured 'net password encryption reqd' to 1, you can know how to enable send Encrypted Passwords for Replication Server Client Connections in KBA2726049:
28-JanWhat are the End of Mainstream Maintenance (EoMM) date for several SAP Replication Server (SRS) versions ? You can check the EoMM date in KBA2702069:
23-JanWhen you configure SAP HANA Streaming Analytics Adapter using Replication Server, the Error code 400051 may be reported in the Adapter log.
Please check KBA2732857   for more detail:
21-JanWhat is the default language, character set and sort order for Replication Server on UNIX / Linux ? Please check in KBA2729505:
16-JanWhen adding a database connection using 'rs_init' and this connection already existed as a primary connection, 'rs_init' fails to validate the existence of the database connection. You can find the useful information to solve the issue in KBA2730589:
14-JanSAP Replication Server (SRS) may shut down with the error 'ERROR #7042 REP AGENT exceed the memory_limit' in the error log.
Please check KBA2730016 how to solve the error:
9-JanSAP Replication Server (SRS) abruptly crashes with the message: Thread GLOBAL RS(GLOBAL RS) infected with signal 15.
You will be able to find the useful information to solve the issue in KBA2728318:
7-JanReplication Server may terminate with stack trace including err_format_and_log and err_handle_srverr. If you are in such situation, find resolution details at KBA2728262:
2-JanIf a participated ASE server in replication system is configured 'net password encryption reqd' to 1, how to enable send Encrypted Passwords for Replication Server Client Connections ? Please check KBA2726049 for more detail:

 December 2018 

Posted Date Broadcasted Message 
31-DecOn AIX, Replication Server may crash due to the stack trace including dt_pool_free(). You can find the useful information to solve the issue in KBA2729774:
26-DecAt May 2019, Japanese era name will change. Do you want to know if SAP Replication Server affects by Japanese era name change ?
Please learn more in KBA2712697:
24-DecIn SAP Replication Server 16.0 SP03 PL05 or SP03 PL04, the error or warning may report by when restart the RepAgent after resetting secondary truncation point. KBA2716079 will help you to solve this issue:
19-DecDo you want to check how many segments are being used for each queue on specific partition ? After running drop partition, you can monitor the change of segments used in each queue on this partition. You can find the useful information in KBA2715714:
17-DecSAP Replication Server (SRS) memory keeps growing on OS level when loading is high. The memory grows even higher than the SRS memory_limit.
Please check KBA2712194 for more detail:
12-DecOn replication to SAP HANA environment, setting dsi_connector_sec_mech to 'hdbuserstore' causes HANA -10910 error Open hdbuserstore key failure.
Please check KBA2712158 for the resolution:
10-DecWhen you configure replication from Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server to SAP HANA, direct load subscription may not turn valid.
In such situation, please refer the KBA2712085 to solve the issue:
5-DecIdentity column replication fails with Msg 584 when you turn on dt_apply in High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) environment.
You can find the useful information to solve the issue in KBA2709872:
3-DecRepAgent will shut down with the error 32058 after enabling replication on an ASE table that has an encrypted column.
KBA2694924 will help you to solve this issue:

 November 2018 

Posted Date Broadcasted Message
28-NovThe create login may be not replicating even if master database replication in MultiSite Availability (MSA). In such situation, please refer the KBA2705909 to solve the issue:
26-NovWhen you attempt to create a subscription, you may get the below message 'Other subscriptions are being created or dropped for the same replication definition/database.'. Then please check KBA2704847 for the resolution:
21-NovThe SAP Product Availability Matrix (PAM) is the correct source for information on SAP product End of Mainstream Maintenance (EoMM).
KBA2702069 summarizes EoMM for various versions.
19-NovCreating a subscription may fail due to the error '14021, State 0, Severity 12 -- 'Invalid login attempted by user 'sa''.' Please check for the detail in KBA2701725:
14-NovHow to solve error 5072 'DSI: no transactions for database 'RDS.RDB' from origin 'PDS.PDB' will be applied or deleted from the queue, because loss was detected.' ?
Please learn more in KBA2700793:
12-NovData Assurance (DA) job may report the following message: 'Failed to acquire column metadata from the table "dbo.<table>@conn_XXX"'.
In such situation, please refer the KBA2700602 to solve the issue:
7-NovThere are 2 tables with the same name but owned by 2 different users, and one table is already marked for replication. When you try to run sp_setreplicate for another table, you will get error 17963. Learn more in KBA2697549:
5-NovThe default block_size in High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) environment is 256KB. If you want to reduce block_size, you can find the useful information in KBA2682624:

 October 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
31-OctAfter replication server upgraded, it may fail to change system version even if all active SRS site & route versions are at '1570' level. Check more detail in KBA2693342:
29-OctReplication Server gets ERROR #60024 and ERROR #60036 for element rs_databases even if lots of data are replicating to target server.
In such situation, please refer the KBA2685476 to solve the issue:
24-OctSome customers need to migrate their database from Oracle to SAP HANA. Then you can use Data Assurance (DA) to migrate data. Please refer this blog how to do it:
22-OctIn High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) environment, R3trans takes too long (2 minutes) to reconnect when Fault Manager (FM) performs failover.
Please refer the KBA2695003 how to solve this issue:
17-OctIn Multisite Availability (MSA) replication environment, DSI thread may down due to ERROR #1028 DSI EXEC Message from server: Message: 102, State 181, Severity 15 -- 'Incorrect syntax near '/'. Learn more in KBA2688958:
15-OctWhen you use IQ 16.0 as secondary database server, and upgrade IQ to 16.0 SP11 PL20, you may encounter slow replication performance issue.
In such situation, find resolution details at KBA2688899:
10-OctHADR latency issue is reported when you use libc memory allocator on Solaris. See detail at KBA2688597:
8-OctWith SAP ASE 16.0 SP03 PL05 and later, recovering Replication to Disaster Recovery (DR) node is supported. See detail at this blog:
3-OctYou may want to use ExpressConnect for Oracle (ECO) or Enterprise Connect Data Access (ECDA) with SAP Replication Server. Then please learn more in KBA2673670:
1-OctKBA2675927 explains you how to setup Bi-directional Table Level Replication. Please check more detail for this KBA:

September 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
26-SepThe Simple Persistent Queue Replication Agent (SPQRA) is disabled after a failover in a High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) configuration of the SAP Replication Server (SRS). The 'admin who,spqra' returns 'REP DISABLED' as RepStatus. Learn more in KBA2681406:
24-SepPerformed unplanned failover. In Faultmanager (FM) log, dev_sybdbfm shows 'REPLICATION_STATUS=down' and 'replication status: DEAD'. The sap_status path shows that Failover is incomplete. Please check KBA2682929 how to recovery the situation:
19-SepWhen the standby connection of warm standby pair was dropped, queue space usage is not released but may keep increasing. In such situation, please refer the KBA2679219 to solve the issue:
17-SepMore database connections or routes were added to replication server. Large queue build up at the Primary replication server in bound or route outbound queues.
Please check KBA2677699 how to solve the situation:
12-SepKBA2675436 explains you how to change the dataserver 'sa' password without impacting replication:
10-SepWhen master database is replicated, created a login in master and add the login as user in replicated database with sp_adduser may cause DSI thread down.
Learn more in KBA2675432:
5-SepFault manager is installed on third node for HADR on Windows platform. Then you will be see 'db host status' as UNKNOWN by performing 'sybdbfm status'.
Please refer the KBA2657980 how to solve:
3-SepIn Warmstandby environment, you may get ERROR #1028 DSI EXEC when you change table owner to dbo on active database. Please refer the detail in KBA2660843:

August 2018 

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
29-AugSAP Replication Server 15.7 SP140 supports replication of the select into statement with LOB columns. This enhancement also applies to SAP Replication Server 16.0 SP03 PL03. Please check in SAP NOTE2583196:
27-AugRepAgent may get error 9414 and 313 with message 'CI API call setWriteTextCopy() failed' on Business Suite HADR environment.
In such situation, please refer the KBA2671908 to solve the error:
22-AugComparing data between Oracle View and Hana Table should work but Data Assurance (DA) does not differentiate between tables and views.
DA appears to be having problems obtaining the metadata for the Oracle view columns. Please check for the detail in KBA2671397:
20-AugSAP Replication server Data Assurance (DA) is used to compare and reconcile data between Oracle and HANA. When a column is defined as number data type without scale and precision in Oracle and as int in HANA, DA pulls the column values as float. Learn more in KBA2669009:
15-AugYou can get the Simple Persistent Queue (SPQ) usage from command 'admin disk_space, mb, spq'. However you cannot get the usage from rs_* tables on RSSD database.   Learn more in KBA2668527:
13-AugWhen setting up HADR system using SRS 16.0 SP03 PL04, setuphadr may fail at Add Database to Replication with Return Code 30064.
Please check KBA2664688 for the resolution:
8-AugKBA2662460 explains you how to add tables to SAP Data Assurance (DA) job:
6-AugIf you want to check how to calculate the current throughput of replication server, learn more in KBA2661368:
1-AugDo you know how to find memory usage for Data Assurance Server and Agent ? You can find the useful information in KBA2660798:

 July 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
30-JulWhen parameter 'async_parser', connection parameter 'NRM_thread' and replication agent parameter 'ltl metadata reduction' are enabled, the error 23 and 14133 will occur. See detail at KBA2651864:
25-JulWhen you have MSA replication system with DDL enabled and enabling connection level dsi_quoted_identified, stored procedure containing a PRINT and RAISERROR statement with a text message surrounded with double quotes causes it to suspend the DSI connection. You can find the cause and resolution in KBA2655602:
23-JulThe 'setuphadr' may fail to setup Replication Server on companion host with INTERNAL ERROR. Find resolution details at KBA2631858:
18-JulYou may get an error "Open Client Client-Library error: Error: 16908568, Severity 1 -- 'blk_rowxfer(): blk layer: internal BLK-Library error: No value or default value available and NULL not allowed.". Please refer the KBA2650412 to solve the issue:
16-JulIf you want to know the detail for Automatic Memory Management with SAP Replication Server 16.0 SP03 PL04, please check this blog:
11-JulInstalling SAP Replication Server (SRS) 16.0 SP03 PL03 immediately fails when installing on Windows Server 2016. When executing the installer after it finishes loading receive java error. Please refer the KBA2648642 how to solve:
9-JulYou will get the error "User  does not have sufficient privileges..." when you check template file or create RepAgent for Oracle using rs_admin with SAP Replication Server Option (RSO) for Oracle 15.7.1 SP204 or later. If you encounter such situation, find resolution details at KBA2436287:
4-JulRunning setup.bin for SAP Replication Server (SRS) 16.0 SP03 may fail on Solaris 11 with message "Invocation of this Java Application has caused an  InvocationTargetException. This application will now exit. (LAX).". Please refer the detail in KBA2643657:
2-JulThis blog explains you new features for SAP Replication Server 16.0 SP03 PL04:

June 2018 

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
27-Junsp_reptostandby may take long time and fill out transaction log. Please check the detail in KBA2645999: 
25-JunOn High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) with SAP Business Suite, "stopdb rs" failed with error 'sed -e expression #1, char xx unterminated address regex'.
Learn more in KBA2640383:
20-JunMulti Site Availability (MSA) fails with DSI(Data Server Interface) error 29023 when multiple repdefs are defined. See detail at KBA2638284:
18-JunDo you want to know how to migrate jobs from the current Data Assurance 15.7 installation to a new Data Assurance 16.0 installation?
Please check KBA2637181 how to migrate DA to new version:
13-JunUsing SAP Replication Server (SRS), you may observe the error 5185 (Row count mismatch) in the error log. Please check the following Guided Answers:
11-JunOn Replication from Oracle to Hana (O2H) environment, "create subscription" command with direct_load may fail with error 1027 and 13045.
Please refer the KBA2636597 to solve the issue:
6-JunThe rs_init may show "INTERNAL ERROR: The environment variable '' is not defined." on SAP Replication Server (SRS) 16.0. See detail at KBA2636242:
4-JunWhen you start a Replication Agent (RepAgent) on SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), you may see Msg 06080503, Error 9214 and 9261.
You can find the cause and resolution in KBA2621307:

May 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
30-MaySQL Statement Replication (SQLDML) is configured but is not used by some of the DML statements, why ? You can find the cause and resolution in KBA2623239:
28-MayYou may find replication queue is not moving. There are no loss detective messages at the error log file. At first the DSI connection is reading successfully but it stopped at the same Seg.Block. See detail at KBA2628167:
23-MayWhen you attempt to Replicate ASE Table with Image Column to IQ table, DSI stopped due to error 'SQL Anywhere Error -131: Syntax error near '2867422' on line 1'.
See detail at KBA2632213:
21-MayThis Guided Answer shows how to recover after an SAP Replication Server (SRS) partition file is deleted without dropping the partition in the SRS.
16-MayKBA2624538 explains you how to remove the encrypted passwords in the SAP Replication Server (SRS) Replication Server System Database (RSSD) tables rs_users and   rs_maintusers.
14-MayYou may want to truncate the exceptions log manually. But the rs_delexception procedure takes too long to finish. In such situation, KBA2030027 will help you:
9-MayReplication Agent for Oracle is suspended due to error : Could not find a device containing SCN. Please check in KBA2011401 to know how to configure Rep Agent for Oracle to read archive logs:
7-MayIn warm-standby (WSB) environment, when 'dsi_bulk_copy' and 'dynamic_sql' parameters of the standby connection are turned on, SAP Replication Server (SRS) errorlog may show the error 16908568 in blk_rowxfer() and error -99999 in blk_rowxfer_mult(). Please check in detail at KBA2346460:
2-MayUnder SRS for Business Suite Replication environment, you materialize SAP Database (SID) with Dump and Load commands. But SAP Database (SID) materialization may fail. Please learn more in KBA2045383:

April 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
30-AprDo you know how to perform a planned or unplanned failover? You can learn the detailed procedure in KBA2165143:
25-AprWhen you add a new primary database by using rs_init utility, rs_init may report the error 'Invalid object name found in srv__create_obj'. Find resolution details at KBA2620764:
23-Aprsysadmin lmconfig failed with message: Msg 21, Level 12, State 0: Server: Open server call to routine 'srv_xferdata' failed. Learn more in KBA2615565:
18-AprDR_admin password is getting locked after changing the password and reports "Unable to determine version of DR agent" in initial screen of DBACOCKPIT.
See details at KBA2623818:
16-AprIf you want to know how to resynchronize HADR primary database to multiple external replicated databases, please refer to KBA2623238.
13-AprThe admin config command shows unexpected default values of some configuration parameters. See detail at KBA2610701:
9-AprThe configuration is an ASE-to-ASE Multisite Availability (MSA) system. All DML commands are replicating but the DDL command is not.
In such situation, please refer to KBA2607245 to solve the issue:
4-AprYou may need to check which licenses you configure for your Replication System. KBA2599553 tells you how to display license information in Replication Server:

March 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
28-MarSAP Replication Server (SRS) log shows the errors 13040 and 10331 when using bi-directional Multi-Site Availability (MSA).
If you encounter such situation, find resolution details at KBA2592906:
26-MarYou may need to increase the setting for replication server configuration parameters (num_mutexes and num_msgqueues).
You can know how to calculate the value for these parameters in KBA2598708:
21-MarNo data movement from a source database to a target database even if all treads are up and running. Find the resolution details at KBA2601052:
19-MarDo you need to know how to troubleshoot loss detected and duplicates increasing when a connection is not replicating in SAP Replication Server ?
Please check the following Guided Answers:
14-MarYou are installing and configuring High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) in primary site. Materialization process has failed for Master database, and you need to
re-materialize. Please refer KBA2089569 how to re-materialize:
12-MarWhen you find ERROR #21024 (Failed to sleep on the shared queue for lock '-') in the error log file of Replication Server Manager (RSM), please check KBA2592441 how to fix the error:
7-MarIn situation that you use eRSSD on your replication server, the Replication Server may fail to start due to Assertion failed (File is shorter than expected) for eRSSD.
Learn more in KBA2591097:
5-MarWhen you create a route from SAP Replication Server (SRS) of version lower than 15.7.1 SP301 to SRS of higher version, DSI to RSSD at the target Replication Server may go down with error 11076. Find resolution details at KBA2585870:

February 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
28-FebRe-materialization   has done in a manual way for SID database in HADR environment. After then sap_status may report error that related with specific subscription.
Learn   more in KBA 2576177:
26-FebAfter attempting to upgrade an Oracle user database connection during the upgrade of an SAP Replication Server (SRS), the error log shows ERROR #18076, #1028,   #18095. Please refer the KBA 2575890 how to solve:
21-FebIf you want to rename Replication Server name on your site, please check in detail at KBA 2595461:
19-FebWhen trying to setup the RAO, you may get the error (ORA-12505, TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor) and the setup may fail.
See detail at KBA 2574241:
14-FebThis blog explains you about the technologies for High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) system. See details at the below link:
7-FebRepAgent terminates abnormally with Error: 9202, nested replicated stored procedure detected. Please check KBA 2583853 for the resolution:
5-FebCreating route in a RepServer 16.0 to RepServer 15.6 may sleep on creation of some system table subscriptions. Please refer the details in KBA 2583822:

January 2018

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
31-JanRATCI starting failure with the message number 1001 and 1002 in ASE errorlog. Learn more in KBA 2583813:
29-JanSAP Replication Server (SRS) 16 crashes with infected with signal 11 in the RSI thread. Please check KBA 2580025 for the resolution:
24-JanIn many observations, Miscellaneous memory section is bloating on previous Replication Server 15.7.1 SP304 ROLLUP1. See details at KBA 2578508:
22-JanIn SAP Replication Server (SRS), a backup id server has been configured. After shutting down and restarting the primary id server, the backup id server is now shown as the primary id server. Please check the detail in KBA 2573290:
17-JanYou are referring to the document below to install the Data Movement Component for HADR on a Windows system. However, you may get an error ""Access is denied"" in the step. Learn more in KBA 2571978:
15-JanCreating a connection to RepConnector 15.0.2 ESD8 deployed to Wildfly to IBM WebSphere MQ fails with: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError and java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError. Please refer the details in KBA 2571952:
10-JanThe result produced by the rs_subcmp utility is unexpected if the primary key is not specified in the rs_subcmp syntax. Please check the detail in KBA 2209270:
8-JanYou have implemented HADR with SAP Replication Server on your Business Suite environment running on SAP ASE. You would like to modify the level of logging information in the DR Agent log. Learn more in KBA 2239261:
3-JanDSI connection goes down due to exception. An example is the target ASE reports error 1105. After resolved the target ASE issue, resume DSI connection crashed the replication server with infected with 11. Please find resolution details at KBA 2458608:
1-JanThe "create route" does not become active and the setup process has timed out. ERROR #14029 is reported in SRS and DBLTM errorlog files. Replication Agent connection is not allowed because the stable queue for this source is not active. Check the detail in KBA 2562039:

December 2017

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
27-DecThe rs_create_repdef for same table of different owner returns error "The declared length of column '<column_name>' was specified. Learn more in  KBA 2561771:
25-DecThe threshold setting for SQL Replication of session level by "set repmode" reports the error 195. In such situation, you can solve the error by checking KBA 2044925:
20-DecReplication server may crash when starting DSI and logged stack trace. Please refer the detail in KBA 2555344:
18-DecSAP Replication Agent is reporting the following message in SAP ASE server   errorlog: server Warning: Rep Agent on database '<database_name>'  received an invalid truncation page from Replication Server. Please check the detail in KBA 2558601:
13-DecWhen executing queries updating many rows, you may get "Message from server: Message: 102, State 181, Severity 15 -- 'Incorrect syntax near'".
Learn about this topic in KBA 2521419:
11-DecAfter installing Replication Server for Replicate site, REP_RTL_IQ option was not enabled. Please check KBA 2536302 for more detail:
6-DecYou are using 'Total Segs' to display the size of disk partition but may find out that the figure of 'Total Segs' is not equal to the disk partition size you added.
Please check KBA 2545474 for more detail:
4-DecIn this blog, we’ll talk about the enhancements for SAP Replication Server version 16.0 SP03 PL02. Please check the blog:

November 2017

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
29-NovThe 'select into' command in the primary database is not replicated to subscriber. Learn more in KBA 2539123:
27-NovLicense check out fails after upgrading to ASE 16 SP02 PL05 and higher on Replication Server 15.7.1 SP305 and higher, find resolution details at KBA 2417878:
22-NovUpgrade of Replication Server fails due to an error 1640 'Adaptive Server requires encryption of the login password on the network'. See details at KBA 2520764:
20-NovThis blog explains the Enhancements of Materialization in SAP Replication Server 15.7.1 SP305. See details at the below link:
17-NovWhat component software and license needs to be downloaded to setup replication from Oracle to HANA database with SAP Sybase Replication Server ?
Learn more in KBA 2120906:
15-NovHow do you resynchronize databases when data inconsistency occurred in a Warm Standby environment ? You can find useful information in KBA 1963600:
13-NovWhen replicating a huge transaction containing a lot of "unitext" data or configured with enable lr_parallel_scan, the SAP Replication Agent crashes with error "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded". Please check KBA 2067076 for the resolution:
10-NovInformation about use of Oracle XStream APIs with Replication Agent for Oracle is missing in SPS or RepAgent ducument. Please check KBA 2172245 for the resolution:
8-NovThe rs_init fails with the error "rs_init: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.".
Please refer the detail in KBA 2514742:
6-NovWhere is the SAP Replication Server (SRS) 15.7 Product Availability Matrix (PAM) ? You can find it in KBA 2510194:
1-NovReplication for text column may fail under specific conditions. Please check for the detail in KBA 2515186:

October 2017

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
30-OctThough items are processing with no problems, the performance to the inbound queue is slow. What configurations should be considered to increase performance ?  
Learn more in KBA 2511014:
25-OctA transaction contains a larger number of commands than a value specified by dsi_large_xact_size. When dsi_bulk_copy option is enabled, a DSI EXEC thread hangs and replication stops while processing the transaction as a large transaction. See details at KBA 2515217:
23-OctYou may have data in the queue related to a specific table that you wish to purge or zap to prevent being applied to target database. Then you can know how to purge or zap commands in a queue related to a specific table. Please learn more in KBA 2506065:
18-OctAn IndexOutOfBoundsException sends RAM (Replication Agent for MS-SQL SERVER) to ADMIN or REPLICATION DOWN state.
Please learn about this error in KBA   1942023:
16-OctSybfilter is unable to make MSSQL server log file readable. Sybfilter check is successfully able to read the log file when SQL server instance is down. In such situation, please check KBA 2512270 for resolution:
11-OctRAO: pdb_setreptable returns "Numeric Overflow" if table is using SEQUENCE as the column default value. Please check KBA 2201098 for more detail:
9-OctIt is not possible to check the replication status from standby server, commands like sap_status path, sap_send_trace... are hanging,  while same commands are working fine from primary site, then please refer to KBA 2367836:
4-OctDo you want to install an updated version of the SAP Sybase Replication Server ? Or, do you want to install an updated version of the Disaster Recovery Agent ? 
Please lean more in SAP Note:
2-OctORA-01432 and ORA-01031 may be reported when creating Oracle connection. In such situation, please check KBA 2142847 for resolution:

 September 2017

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
27-SepDo you want to know how to download SAP Replication Server RTLE (Real-Time Loading Edition)? Learn about this topic in KBA 2504733:
25-SepEXECUTE permission denied error be may reported on object rs_update_lastcommit when replication of master database is configured.
Please check KBA 2498266 for the resolution:
20-SepERROR #6123 and #6024 is reported to the SAP Replication Server errorlog. Please check KBA 2496272 for the resolution:
18-SepIn ExpressConnect 15.7.1 or higher for Oracle, ECO doesn't include Oracle Instant Client libraries in their packages or installations. Users download and install them from the Oracle web site. Please check for the detail in KBA 1929215:
13-SepYou implemented or you are implementing HADR with SAP Replication Server in your Business Suite environment. You need to troubleshoot a HADR problem.
Learn more in KBA 2305518:
11-SepLooking for information related to SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) HADR with SAP Replication Server (SRS) in a Business Suite environment?
Learn more in KBA 2175528:
6-SepIn HADR setup, error "ERROR CJS-00030 Assertion failed" may be reported in sapinst.log when trying to set replication after cancelling sap_teardown. 
Learn more in KBA 2228961:
4-SepYou may get error "Msg 15038 Database is the primary for some replication definitions. Cannot drop connection to it." when you attempt to drop the connection for Active Database. In such a situation, please refer the KBA 2491334 to solve the error:

 August 2017

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
30-AugYou can install SAP Replication Server (SRS) with silent mode. Learn more in KBA 2482871:
28-AugLooking for frequently asked questions about the SAP Replication Server Data Assurance Option? Please see details in this blog:
23-AugOn SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) high-availability and disaster recovery (HADR) system, you may see "ERROR #14098 USER -The Replication Server is in hibernation mode". In such situation, please refer the KBA 2480242 to solve the error:
21-AugHow do you ignore warning messages from SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) mapped to 'stop replication' in SAP Replication Server (SRS)?
Learn more in KBA 2482063:
16-AugThe Replication Server is reporting error #6023 and requesting to read a block in non-existing segment. In such a situation, please refer the KBA 2481229 to solve the error:
14-AugDo you want to know where you can find user assistance for the product SAP Replication Server which helps you to install and update, configure and operate your installation successfully? You can find the useful information in KBA 2493908:

 July 2017

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
28-JulWe hold SAP Customer Virtual Coffee Corners for SAP Replication Server (SRS) regularly. Please see details in KBA 2347693:
26-JulWant to find out additional information and examples on the usage of the Replication Diagnostic Utility 'rsdiag' provided in SAP Replication Server (SRS) 15.7.1?  
Learn more in KBA 2307690:
24-JulIf you find "ERROR #14025 Replication Agent for 'Dataserver.Database' is not configured to connect" in the SAP Replication Server (SRS) errorlog, find resolution details at KBA 1939756:
21-JulIn the SAP Replication Server (SRS) errorlog, there are warning messages #24068 or #24057 when the sqt_max_cache_size parameter is not configured correctly.  
Learn more in KBA 2011312:
19-JulThe dsi_command_convert parameter is set to "d2none" at connection level, on the other hand at table level, it is set to 'none'. With such settings, SAP Replication Server (SRS) doesn't use the setting at the connection level as designed. See details at KBA 2460638:
17-JulThis blog explains a conceptual overview of the new external replication feature for your High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) system. The external replication feature is available from the SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0 SP02 PL05 version and onwards with SAP Replication Server (SRS).
See details at the below link:
14-JulAll threads are running fine, but syslogs in a replicated Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) database is filling up. If you encounter such a situation with SAP Replication Server (SRS), find the resolution details at KBA 2458770:
12-JulCan Oracle materialized views be replicated by Replication Agent for Oracle (RAO) and SAP Replication Server (SRS) ? Yes, Oracle's materialized views can be replicated via RAO. Learn more in KBA 2457152:
10-JulYou can apply later patches to your SAP Replication Server (SRS), or upgrade to later versions. However you may want to downgrade it due to several reasons.
Please refer the KBA 2455538 how to downgrade:
7-JulWhen the sysadmin log_first_tran command is performed in SAP Replication Server (SRS), you receive the error message "INTERNAL ERROR #5026 DSI".
See details at KBA 2453335:
5-JulWhat do you do when you encounter the situation where truncate table does not work for Warm Standby? This document will help you:
3-JulSAP Replication Server 15.7.1 SP301 doesn't work on RedHat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.11. Why? Please check this document:

 June 2017

Posted DateBroadcasted Message
28-JunIf you upgrade from RS 15.7.1 ESD#2 to RS 15.7.1 SP303, a created subscription message is not logged when the process of creating subscription ends in the replicate site on SP303.
23-JunSAP Replication Server can replicate not only table unit but also database unit. It's called as Multisite Availability (MSA). Learn more here:
22-JunSAP provides additional information and examples on the usage of the rsdiag utility in SAP Replication Server (SRS) 15.7.1 SP204 and later. Find the information here:
19-JunWhen you encounter the situation where you cannot drop a subscription, please refer to SAP Guided Answers. More information in this document:
16-JunAre you on an old version of SAP Replication Server? Do you know where to find SAP Replication Server patches? Check out this document to find out !
14-JunCheck out this document that provides you information on how to tune SQM parameters for improvement of performance:
12-JunDo you want to know how to tune DSI parameters for improvement of performance. Learn more here:
7-JunIf you have recently installed or upgraded to SAP Replication Server 15.7.1, check out this KBA for basic configuration: