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Welcome to the central page for SAP Product Security and Identity Management . This is the SCN starting point for topics around SAP Product Security and SAP Identity Management as well as security services and partner information.














  1. All questions related to security in SAP products should be posted in the SDN security FORUM which can be found here:

    Questions posted in the WIKI area will not be answered.

  2. Unknown User (k8ypxse)

    Security with transaction SQ03

    should be about only letting users see and execute what user groups are assigned to them. Analyst can change infosets in client with change and maintain for S_QUERY but they should not be able to see and execute queries when they are not assigned to the user group. Out of site out of mind.

  3. Former Member

    Hi James,

    I recommend first opening a discussion thread in the security forum, and then creating a wiki based on the results - and not a comment to the main page.