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SAP NetWeaver Identity Management consists of two main components:

  • Identity Center
  • Virtual Directory Server

Identity Center

The Identity Center contains a central place for storing identity data - the so called Identity Store. The data in the Identity Store is located in the Identity Center Database. The Identity Center is also responsible for provisioning identity data into various connected systems (so called consuming systems) and also retrieving identity data from systems (so called leading systems).

Virtual Directory Server

The Virtual Directory Server allows you to virtually combine multiple data sources under one umbrella - the Virtual Directory - which can be queried using standard protocols like for example Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Important to mention that the individual data sources can be accessed in various ways. It is not required to use the LDAP protocol in this "backend" communication. It is rather possible to use specific data source connectors for the Virtual Directory. Common ones are sql database connector, Identity Store connector. In case there is no connector available for a specific data source the open API provides the possibility for a custom development.

A series of eLearnings about the VDS as a part of SAP NetWeaver IDM 7.1 is available as follows:

Also see the related blog by Serge Muts.


The sizing is described in the installation guides for both versions. You find links to this at:

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.1 - Sizing Guide (SMP login required):
This document provides guidelines for determining an initial sizing configuration for SAP NetWeaver IDM 7.1. Furthermore, minimum hardware requirements for the production landscape are given.

High Availability

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