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This BP is valid only up to Basis Release 7.20.



After an upgrade you may wonder, which T-codes have been affected by this upgrade in respect of their SU24 values (changed t-codes can be reviewed in table prgn_corr2).

As there is no list provided by SAP, you will have to go through SU25, without knowing how much effort this will take.

To have an impression, of which/how many t-codes are affected, you can get this information in your system directly, after you have started SU25->step 2a.

So after executing 2a, you have already the required information in 2 tables.

First select table PRGN_STAT. Select the line with yor current release (after upgrade) from field PRGN_STAT- RELEASE. In field PRGN_STAT-STEP_NR the value should be 002 (after SU25-2a). This first selection is just to make sure, that 2a has been executed already and the following table content is actual for your current release.

Now enter table TCODE_MOD.

In field TCODE_MOD-RELEASE enter your current release (as per PRGN_STAT- RELEASE). Press 'Number of Entries' to be prepared.....
Remark: if your Upgrade includes more than one release, you need to select all the releases between the current and the start release of course.

Executing the selection returns all affected T-codes.

Depending on the t-codes used in your roles you get a first idea of how many changes you will have to perform in SU25 2c.