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The SAP LDAP connector and the related topics will be discussed here

Question: Can I change the UME data source from ABAP to LDAP?

Answer: Unfortunately this kind of change isn't supported by SAP. As you could check on SAP note718383, this type of system installation (ABAP+Java)
has some limitations due to ABAP/Java users, roles and groups relationship. 

Question: Password expiration communication from LDAP don't working?

Answer: The LDAP protocol does not provide functionality for such password change communication. If the password is reset through the Portal, then the user will be able to change its password. That is possible, since in that case, the password change won't be triggered by the LDAP, but by the Portal, thus the deficiency of the LDAP protocol might be avoided.

Question: Is it possible to have multiple LDAP servers?

Answer: It is possible and even recommended to have multiple LDAP servers with the same dataset to be available for High Availability.

More info here:

This link is even better explanation:

SAP Help

Integration with Microsoft Active Directory

How do I connect the SAP Central User Management (CUA) with the Microsoft Active Directory Server (MS-ADS)?

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