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The main functions of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management include:

Provisioning, Workflow & Approvals

Business rules and policies drive assignment and maintenance of user access rights across multiple systems. You can quickly provision employees as well as business partners, and all changes and approvals are fully auditable.

NW IDM 7.0- Working with Workflows PartI

7.2 Getting more information from Web Enabled Tasks

Read the following blogs on workflow & approvals:

Role Management

Roles align with business processes rather than technical directory structures. Users are assigned roles and given certain privileges, called entitlements, which enable access to various systems.

Read the blog How mature is your authorization concept?

Release 7.2 Using the MX_ASSIGNMENTS attribute to view Role and Privilege assignments to a user in the Management User Interface

Read part 1  and part 2  of these  blogs for details oin how to manage role and privilege assignments in the 7.2 User Interface

Password Management & Self-Services

The software supports self-service password reset and password synchronization across all connected target systems, as well as the ability to perform self-service updates of personal information.
Usually it's avoided to use agents which have to be installed on target systems. In most cases the conncetion is done with the standard API of a connected target system to process all provisioning task, e.g. for LDAP directories, ADS, Exchange.
In some rare cases agents are used, e.g. for the "ADS Password Hook" because it's the only way to go. In addition to that, customers may want to develop their own agents for sending events to IdM.

Reporting & Auditing

Critical for compliance, this feature enables you to produce reports based on current access and past events. If questions come up, reports can conclusively state whether the person in question had entitlements to particular applications and associated features and functions. You can transparently maintain all changes to data, user access rights, and administrative permissions.

Read the following information on reporting:

Identity Virtualization

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management provides an integrated, unified view of the virtual identity of users, as well as identity services to let you leverage identity information and access rights across networks.

Data Synchronization

If you change key information in one application, it is transformed and propagated to other related applications to maintain data consistency and quality.

Using Event Agents in NW IDM

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