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GRC Provisioning Framework

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The SAP NetWeaver Identity Management GRC integration consists of a set of tasks in the Identity Center and a configuration in the Virtual Directory Server that enables the use of SAP Access Control for risk validation before user provisioning. Using this solution, SAP NetWeaver Identity Management can execute provisioning to multiple target systems which are controlled by SAP Access Control to ensure compliance according to the rules implemented here.

When business requirements imply compliancy and Segregation of Duties checks, SAP NetWeaver Identity Management performs risk validation on SAP Access Control before assigning permissions, in order to achieve the compliant provisioning.


To get the most benefit from this download, you should have the following knowledge and software:

  • Knowledge of the Identity Center.
  • Knowledge of the Virtual Directory Server.
  • Knowledge of and access to SAP Access Control 5.3 SP9.
  • SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Virtual Directory Server 7.1 SP3 Patch 1 or higher is correctly installed and licensed.
  • SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Identity Center 7.1 SP3 Patch 1 or higher is correctly installed and licensed.
  • The Provisioning Framework for SAP Systems is correctly installed and configured.

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