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Configuring IdM with GRC 10.0 requires connection of GRC to VDS and then to the IdM database. This space will look at how to troubleshoot errors in this data flow


We will look at simply what logs and traces can help in checking Idm  <-> GRC issues.


In order for IdM to connect to GRC a number of webservices are exposed on the GRC side. These can be accessed using transaction SOAMANAGER on the GRC system. Tracing communication between the webservices and IdM can be carried out using the same transaction. The SAP Access Control 10.0 Interface for Identity Management describes in detail the list of services used. Therefore for any errors from the GRC side use the webservice trace detailed here.



When a request is sent to IdM from GRC this will pass through the Virtual Directory Server (or VDS for short). In reverse any requests from IdM to GRC will pass through the VDS. In this case the VDS Operations log should be consulted for any possible error messages. Ensure to increase the VDS operation log to ALL to get the most error information.


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