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Identity and Access Management

These How-to Guides, developed by SAP NetWeaver Regional Implementation Groups (RIG) worldwide, provide expert advice and tips and tricks on a broad range of topics. Access all How-to Guides by release or topic.


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Security and Identity Management | SOA Middleware | User Productivity

How to Reconcile Identity Data


SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.1 comes with a job template for reconciliation, i.e., the process of identifying inconsistencies as well as cleaning them up. This job and its implementation concept will serve as the foundation for the reconciliation procedure described in this guide.

Download attached Additional Material. 06 Apr 2010

How to Create Approval Tasks in SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.1

This Guide is based upon the document SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Identity Center - Implementing Role Approvals. This Guide takes the use case from that guide – the owner of a role should approve any assignments to the role, whether the role is given directly, or inherited through the role hierarchy – and extends it to include further example configurations such as manager approval, role owner approval, multi-step approval, and others.20 Nov 2009


How to Setting Up an Identity Management Dispatcher on a UNIX Host Flavor

If you want to get your hand on running SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Dispatcher on another operating system such as an UNIX host. This guide will give you a step-by-step instruction on how to achieve this goal with ease, and give you some pointer during the installation so that you can avoid some issues further down the line. Also, it will show some common error types that you may encounter and help you trouble-shoot for the result.01 Oct 2009


How to Create Reports with SAP NetWeaver Identity Management

During the implementation of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management typically reporting requirements need to be satisfied. This guide will first give you some background information about creating reports based on the data available in SAP NetWeaver Identity Management. Furthermore, it will show you how you can create a simple report using SAP Busines Objects Crystal Reports (available as of Version 7.1 SP2) and also Jasper Reports (available also in Version 7.0).01 Sep 2009


SOA Security Scenarios WebAS Java, Message Level Security with no Transport Guarantee

You are implementing SOA Interoperability scenario with message level security SAML. The consumer and provider are running on NetWeaver AS Java. This scenario doesn't require transport level security. It's suitable for internal landscape under firewall access where additional security (SSL) is not needed.25 May 2009

How to Recover Login Module Stack when Login to NWA or Visual Administrator is Impossible

The authentication to the NetWeaver Application Server Java is done though the authentication templates. If the authentication template has an improperly set authentication stack, the authentication to the Java Engine is impossible. This guide describes how to resolve this problem.12 Mar 2009


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