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Identity Services

It is possible to use SAP NetWeaver Identity Management as a central data source for other applications. With Identity Services you can access Identity Stores e.g. via SPML through a web service and search, add, modify or delete entries. That is the other way round like other connectors of the Identity Center work, which write to other applications and don't wait for their requests. 

 How it works

The Identity Center receives the requests via the Virtual Directory Server. You can deploy a web service with the VDS and send SPML requests from other applications through the web service. SAP brings you a specific framework for the Identity Center and a template for the VDS, which can be modified for your needs.

If you search for entries, the web service will deliver them based on your authentication. If you want to add, modify or delete entries, there is an entry type called MX_ASYNC_REQUEST in the Identity Store. Every time you send a new async request, there are tasks automatically called in the Identity Center, which evaluate the requests and e.g. copy the attributes to an other entry type.

Further Information

Architectural Overview

Configuration Guide

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