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Configuration of AS ABAP WS-Provider

Configuration consists of two steps: First the system needs to be enabled for message authentication and then the provider configuration with SAML authentication can be created.

1) Prepare system for message authentication

SAML authentication requires a userswitch from a user DELAY_L_(SID) (7.0X) or DELAY_LOGON (7.1X) to a user identified by the SAML assertion. This user is created by report WSS_SETUP


  • The system must allow creating users. When the system is part of an Central User Administration (CUA), creation of users must be allowed on the system.
  • Your user must have sufficient permissions to create a user

To prepare the system, execute the following steps:

  • Call transaction SA38 to call report WSS_SETUP
  • Disable check box Test Run
  • Execute report (F8)

Fig: Executing Report WSS_SETUP

2) Create WS-Provider configuration for SAML authentication

A configuration with SAML authentication is required for this scenario. Execute the following steps to create a configuration:

  • Open transaction SOAMANAGER
  • A new browser window starts. In this window, select BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION | WEB-SERVICE-ADMINISTRATION
  • Select web service Zinventorysrv
  • Create a new service and select HTTPS as transport guarantee type and SAML as authentication method

Fig: ´SOA Manager

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