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I had a very strange issue in RAR where the SoD reports for Conflicting or critical transactions are run, the known Custom risks are not displayed. I was baffled with this behavior and was able to find a solution with help of some other experts later.

The reason for this issue is the ACTVT values in RAR for the risks defined at permission (Authorization Object) are listed as 1, 2, or 3 and so on (Single digit). RAR compares them with the two digit values (01, 02, or 03) for authorization values in Roles. As the comparison fails, RAR can't recognize the Conflicts.

This is because of the way the delimited file is generated by MS Excel. When we try uploading them into RAR, ACTVT values in Excel are taken as Single digit values into upload text files, which fails the operation and gives incorrect data. To overcome this issue, the quicker solution is to change the ACTVT column in Excel to CUSTOM - 00.

This resolved the issue.

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