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Mass population of a Business Role

Here is a way how to do mass population of a Business Role with a text file.  

This is an easy way to populate a BR and if it’s needed some validation rules can be set

Here is an example how the text (.csv ) file should look like:  

Into  the job folder is created a job, that will read the file and write in Identity Store  

  • First pass will read the data from a txt file and will store it in a temporary table
  • Second pass will read the data from a temporary table and the will add the privileges to the Business Roles(validation rules can be added here, as well into the first pass we can have some validations)

The first pass(Read data from txt file) is used for filling the temporary table with the data from the file  

The second pass(Mass assign of privileges to Business Roles) will fill the Business Roles   


  • A way to validate the data from the file is with a select into the Source-tab, where can be made a check if the privileges are existing into the IS

If the reconcile is OFF, into the job can be added additional pass(Reconcile) to trigger a reconcile after the upload