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Welcome to the world of SAP ABAP Security, your hub to add, share, and view a compendium of information on SAP ABAP SecurityThe main goal of this Wiki
is to provide easy access to knowledge in the area of ABAP Security. Where applicable, you will find best practices from configuration scenarios. Please feel free to contribute 
with your own experiences, such as project findings, best practices, code reviews and so on. Only this way we will be able to create a lively community around this important area.


Getting Started

  • Community page for SAP ABAP Security

  • Community page for SAP Single Sign-On product

SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP Security Guide

Collection of all Security Guides available for AS ABAP releases.


SAP AS ABAP Security Tables

Collection of the main AS ABAP Security Tables.

ABAP Authorization, Profile and Role Management

Documents related to ABAP Authorization, Profile and Role Management areas.

ABAP Web Services Security

Documents related to Web Services Security area for AS ABAP.

WIKI Pages:

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