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Welcome to the world of identity management, your hub to add, share, and view a compendium of information on SAP Identity Management!The main goal of this Wiki is to provide easy access to implementation knowledge in the area of SAP Identity Management. Where applicable, you will find best practices from implementation projects. Please feel free to contribute with your own experiences, such as project findings, templates, or scripts. Only this way we will be able to create a lively community around this great product.



Getting Started

Check out the SCN page for SAP Identity Management .


Find an overview of the architecture of SAP Identity Management. Learn more about topics such as sizing, high availability, the identity store, DB schemas, and more.

Features and Functions

SAP Identity Management provides for identity virtualization, data synchronization, provisioning, workflow and approvals, password management, roles and entitlements, reporting and auditing.


Using the Identity Center and the Virtual Directory Server enables you to connect to various different systems using standard protocols as well as custom developed connectors.

SAP Integration

Learn about business-driven identity management, integration with SAP Business Suite, integration with SAP GRC, and more.


Documentation and Resource Map

Guidelines about the implementation tasks associated with the various phases of an SAP IDM project and where to find documentation about each task.

Security within IDM

Learn more about the security guidelines that apply to SAP Identity Management.


Find information about tracing and troubleshooting, monitoring, transport management, performance, and more.

IDM Concepts & Processes

Share and find information about identity management projects, their setup, and lessons learned.

Release Information

This section gives an overview of release information available for SAP Identity Management.


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