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SAP Business Suite Integration

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management is tightly integrated with SAP Business Suite and is able to manage all applications and support all use cases that involve employee identities: onboarding, change of role, assignment of responsibilities for additional applications, termination of employment, and more.

The SAP Insider article "Identity Management that's integrated into your current business processes" provides an overview of possibilities for integration with SAP business applications. It walks the reader through a helpful four-phase example of how to manage fictional employee Anna Smith's access rights and roles as she's hired, promoted, moved to another department, and ultimately terminated.

If you're one step further already and need to dig deep into the technical details: In the SAP Help Portal you will find documentation on the Integration of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.1 with SAP Business Suite applications.

SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)

Want to find out how to connect an HCM system to SAP NetWeaver Identity Management for exporting employee data? Check out the configuration guides as well as ABAP code of a wizard which automates the required configuration steps: Connecting an HCM system to SAP NetWeaver IDM

Also read the following blogs:
How To synchronize data from SAP HCM to SAP NetWeaver Identity Center using SAP PI (Part I), Part II, Part III

SAP provides a predefined set of data that can be transfered between the HCM system and your IDm system. You may however wish to supplement this with additional information from your HCM system. See here how to pass bespoke HCM attribute data to the identity Store.

SAP BusinessObjects Access Control (GRC)

For more information refer to the GRC Provisioning Framework.

Check out the presentation about Compliant, Business-Driven Identity Management Using SAP NetWeaver IDM And SBOP Access Control. The slides include the new „centralized provisioning" scenario where all provisioning is done through SAP NetWeaver IDM and SAP BusinessObjects Access Control is used for risk validation. Also see the related Webinar recording (SDN login required).

You will find more information on integrating SAP BusinessObjects Access Control 5.3 with SAP NetWeaver Identity Management in the Access Control IDM Integration Implementation Assistance Guide on SDN.

Also read the following blogs:

Also read the following SAP Insider article to learn how governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and identity management solutions can work together to mitigate segregation of duties risks.:

Portal Integration

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management is also integrated with SAP NetWeaver Portal and SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment via the Java-based User Management Engine. This means that information regarding identities in SAP NetWeaver Portal, SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment, and all backend systems can be kept up to date without manual work.

Universal Worklist (UWL)

Read the following blogs:
SAP NetWeaver Identity Management: Approval Items in UWL (Part 1), Part 2

SAP NetWeaver Mobile Infrastructure

As the middleware of SAP NetWeaver Mobile Infrastructure uses standard SAP NetWeaver users and roles, SAP NetWeaver IDM is also capable of managing identities and roles for SAP NetWeaver Mobile Infrastructure.

SAP Netweaver Web Application Server ABAP

The page here  details which Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs) are used by the SAP provisioning framework to connect to ABAP Application Servers 

The page here  details the BAPIs used to connect to Business Suite ABAP Application servers (i.e. CRM/SRM systems)

Success Factors (SFSF)

SAP Identity Management as of IdM release 8.0 can now manage user provisioning to the Success Factors cloud application. More information can be found here

Hana Database

As of release 7.2 provisioning to SAP HANA application is possible. An enhanced connector is delivered as of release 7.2 SP9 




Connecting Portal to VDS


Solution Manager


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