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  1. Former Member

    Dear Martina,

    Please help me on below.

    If i want to implement SAP SSO with Kerberos based technology i guess user ID's of SAP and Windows AD must be same. Can you please share any prerequisite SAP note in which this identical ID's recommendation is written.

    Waiting for your response.


  2. Dear Qazi Jamil,

    you need to map the SNC user name (based on the Windows domain user name) to the SAP ABAP user name. Please refer to the following videos on how to do this:

    Single Sign-On with Kerberos



  3. Former Member

    Dear Martina,

    according the document “Using SNC Client Encryption” we want to activate SNC-Encryption for SAP-GUI and NWBC connection without SSO as part of SAP GU 7.40 using Secure Login client.  Would this be also possible

    using Active Directory Federation Services instead  Windows AD respective Kerberos Token?  What are the prerequisites for configuring this solution. Thank you in advance for your assistance




  4. Hello Martina,

    Where can I find out the information regarding the licensing of SSO 3.0 product?

    Like the cost per user license and how to apply etc..




    1. Hello Praveen,

      for specific licensing information concerning the SAP Single Sign-On product, please contact your SAP Account Executive.