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List of Security Topics which currently do not exist and still sound like a good idea...

Purpose of this page and child pages:

Discussions in the SDN Security Forum often involve symptoms of interesting problems and sometimes even creative solutions or requests for development of features or enhancements. This wiki-space is for documenting such information, which might otherwise go unnoticed. This wiki is not for bug reports! Please use the usual support channels for this purpose.

How to add a topic:

Please create a new child-page for each new topic! You may do this by using the Add Page link in the upper right corner of this page.

Then it is absolutely IMPORTANT to Add the Label called sec_wishes to your newly added page. When you have added the label, your new page will automatically be sorted alphabetically into the "List of topics" below. - You do NOT have to edit this page!

Another useful practice would be to add a status-date, a release number and an SAP Module name to your page, so that SAP developers may be able to identify items that are relevant for their area.

List of topics:

(This list is dynamically created because of the Label "sec_wishes")


  1. Validity date warning on accounts for expiration and option for role assignment expiration for users with dated access

  2. Former Member


    I don't think I can edit this page.  But maybe someone who can will read this comment.
    I think we can mark "Restrict on ability to access periodic jobs" as solved with Note 1716340 - A user should not generate periodic jobs.